Hillary’s Biggest Issue: Health or Honesty?

Hillary Clinton is apparently feeling better and will be back on the campaign trail within a day or two or three.  The question of her health will, for a time at least, be put into the back seat.

Another question continues to hover over her candidacy and that question is simply this: Is Hillary Clinton HONEST enough to be President of the United States?

A President’s believability is critical to that President’s time in office.  The President sets the tone for our relations around the globe even though Congress makes the laws.  If our President is not trusted, we as a country take a back seat for the term of office of that person.

The simple phrasing of the question:  is she honest  enough sets the tone to follow.  If that question is one to be raised, the answer to the question would seem to be “No”, she is not sufficiently honest nor trusted enough to sit in the Oval office.

I am of the chronological age to remember many presidential campaigns, and I do not recall any of those where the issue of the basic honesty of the candidate figured in the outcome.  Everyone seemed to accept that each candidate was honest or he, up to this point, would not have been a candidate.  We accepted that as fact because there was never a question about the veracity of any candidate for this high office.  This is new ground which is being plowed, and it is a sad time in the annals of our nation’s history. Admittedly, we did conceive of and elect Tricky Dicky but that is for another day.

The question has been raised where it was never, to my knowledge, verbalized prior to this in my adult lifetime including the Tricky Dicky episode which coalesced after his final election. We may have had our suspicions but, apparently, those were never so strong as to become common discussion points.  In fact, our historic lore makes much of honesty such as in the use of the nickname Honest Abe.  Will we ever hear the nickname ‘Honest Hil’ anywhere but in a comedy routine spoofing her as a candidate?

This presidential campaign is making history given the two candidates we have from which to choose.  Neither of them is similar to any other candidate we’ve seen.  Hillary Clinton is the first woman candidate for this high office.  Donald Trump is also a first in that his political career is starting with the quest for the top rung of the political ladder. Trump’s persona has served to take some of the focus from Hillary Clinton’s problem with the truth, even though those problems go way back to Little Rock, AR if not even earlier.

Her public life has been a sufficiently open book so that we can, if we wish, see it for what it was and for what it is today.  I am frankly surprised that she has the hutzpa to go forward with such a visible campaign given her baggage.  It seems that she believes she is untouchable, for if she had been touchable she’d have been rendered moot politically long ago.  I do not wish ill health on anyone.  I pray that she will be okay and able to continue on this quest if that is God’s will.

He may well have a plan of which I cannot conceive and I’ll accept that as a possibility. Short of a beneficent gift, I can not conceive of Hillary Clinton sitting in our Oval Office, again simply given her baggage.

So, I wish her good health and also her defeat at the polls.


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