Too Well Connected?

Are we too well connected in this era within not just the U.S. but also the world?   Is there so much inter-dependency that we are now forever destined to be looking over our shoulders?   We hiccup and someone an ocean away feels the repercussions.  What used to be simply a telephone, a wonderfully brilliant invention at the time, connected to the wall outlet by a wire has become a monstrous digital communications device that follows us obediently almost where ever it is we travel.  Something happens in California and it is instantly known in Maine.  A European pronouncement is almost simultaneously broadcast to us in the U.S.  Vladimir Putin’s take on our two candidates for President is daily fare.

This introspection is brought on by our being in the midst of the high political season in our country, and the ramifications of seemingly every occurrence whether small or big as well as of every thought that someone with the ability to communicate to another or many others today has over the rest of us.

Hillary Clinton, for example, certainly appeared to be ill a few hours ago, and that is of concern given her role in politics today.  That event cascaded all around the world in seconds.  It is virtually impossible to fathom what that one occurrence caused to occur in this world within moments of it happening.  That occurrence will certainly be something which rebounds throughout the balance of the national race for President.  And, given the magnitude of power that accrues to the occupant of that office, it is fitting both here and abroad.  We are selecting the next person in whom we’ll place too much personal authority backed up with too much personal power all around this world upon which we live.  Our President is in a very scary role for him or herself as well as us and all the rest of the people on this planet.

And on a personal scale, ‘text’ messages follow us almost wherever we go.  We ‘text’ back-and-forth as if we must be in virtually constant contact.  We are tied together electronically so that those who desire can remain in virtual 24 hour contact with each other and almost every occurrence reported across the globe basically interrupted only when we have to recharge our ‘devices’.  We post pictures of self that might’ve been better thought.  We brag about drinking too much not thinking that this might track us the rest of our life.  We admit to ‘using’ whatever might be the substance of the week and actually seem to be proud that we’ve done it.

In one sense, we can never be too well connected, yet in another sense we have proved that wrong  through our very actions.  There is too much information available to me about too many people already and that is increasing nearly exponentially every week.  I blog regularly and that in a sense is also a personal disclosure I might come to regret.  I do my best to avoid sharing personal information beyond a certain level.  I am never ‘under the influence’ of anything when I blog; that having been said what you see is what you get, and I cannot avoid recrimination if that is what comes to your mind.

I do believe that many of us are too well connected for our own good, and  I believe that will be further exacerbated on an almost daily basis.  There will be a day of reckoning, or many, in the future for people who are less than judicious with their postings.  There is no age limit on this issue but there does seem a greater propensity to share ‘stuff’ that might not be best shared by those in the younger age groups. Those postings can make people susceptible to being hurt as the result of their own actions.  That has been the case forever but this age of instant communication speeds that happening exponentially.

We may already be too well connected but we cannot put that genie back in a bottle; we can only learn how best to use the capabilities this brings to us.

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