Good Morning Hillary Supporters…

And, good morning to all you ‘racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, and Islamophobes’ otherwise known as Trump supporters according to Hillary’s latest pronouncement.

Now that you have been told exactly what you are from Hillary Clinton’s perspective, maybe your support of Donald Trump will take on new importance if that is possible. Hillary’s resorting to name-calling has added a new twist to the campaign and suggests rather strongly that she is experiencing some tightening of the sphincter as the days fly past in her quest for the Oval office.

Who would’ve expected that Hillary Clinton would resort to name-calling when her opponent is supposedly the type of crass neanderthal that would be the one to resort to such extreme rantings.  It seems more and more apparent that she is feeling the pressure being applied by public opinion that is not always lining up in her column.

Is this not the kind of hyperbole we have been told to expect from Donald Trump?  How in the world could a former First Lady resort to name-calling when she has all the intelligence necessary to run our country?  Is it possible that Hillary Clinton is not the end all and be all we’ve been told again and again we need in that high position?  Can you imagine a meeting of high ranking officials from around the world who have failed to follow her instructions?  What names would they be subjected to by the first female President?

This statement is simply totally unbecoming to Hillary Clinton.  It bespeaks a bit of a character flaw that apparently has been honed to a keen edge by her travails over time since her beginning, of sorts, in Little Rock, AR.   Has she finally gotten to the point where she either gets the top spot or goes off to hide her woes in some forgotten location?

Is this the kind of knee-jerk reaction one would like to see in the occupant of the Oval office?

Maybe, just maybe, we have gotten this all wrong.  Maybe it is Hillary Clinton about whom we ought be suspect, rather than her opponent.  We do know that Donald Trump has the ability to jab, but his jabs do not have the edge to them that her statement had.  He is more the type who will poke a bit while she seems now to have told us she gets to a certain point and loses her self-composure.

Imagine, if you will, the old ‘finger on the trigger’ plaints associated with past candidates for the highest office in our land, and then overlay Hillary’s latest rant.  Is this really the kind of overreaction we think appropriate for the next President of the United States?

I suspect that Hillary Clinton has just told us that she is not the candidate who is ready for ‘prime time’, and that her opponent, Donald Trump, ought to be accorded our the votes for that high office. Of the two candidates, Mr. Trump seems to be the ‘coolest under fire’ and therefore the most able of these two to occupy the Oval office.

You have done this to yourself Hillary with the demonstration of your inability to control your temper.  You simply can’t be entrusted with the power found in that Oval office.  You have proven that to us.  It is not our fault but yours.


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