Media Elites Shaping The Race?

Probably a silly question, but are the media elites shaping the outcome of the presidential election?  An even sillier answer:  of course; that is what they do.

We, the members of the ignorant masses, need some direction in our lives.  We are obviously too stupid to form our own opinions and to make wise decisions especially when those decisions are involving whom will be the next President of the United States of America.

There was a time I can recall when the press acted like we were actually sufficiently informed and sufficiently cerebral so as to decide for ourselves whom we believed was the best candidate for the highest office in our land. That time has apparently been deemed by the media to have passed.

We now apparently need all the ‘help’ the media can provide for us through deftly formed questions aimed at eliciting the real person residing within each candidate.  This, along with the assistance of a sitting President who apparently agrees with the media’s conclusion that we are incapable of making the ‘right decision’ about anything so serious as whom will be our next President.  That, upon further thought, might explain his two terms.  Maybe we do need help.  But I digress.

This race has been turned into the ‘race for the bottom’ by the elite media types.  Gotcha questions, facial expressions, the after-action analysis to help us feeble-minded viewers get the right message from the preceding several hours of tedium that passes for press events these days are all part of our indoctrination.

We voters are quite capable of choosing whom we believe is the better qualified of the two, even if the press has concluded that we are just too dumb. We are also capable of understanding that we can no longer simply presume the press is without a position or a favorite.

It is obvious to us that there is not a Jack Kennedy nor a Ronald Reagan in this race.  It is also obvious to us that we are being played by the media; played in the guise of being adequately informed.  It is obvious to us that we have a tough decision ahead in selecting the next President of the United States.  On the one hand we have a brand new personality, politically that is, in the form of Donald Trump.  On the other hand, we have a well-known political personality in the form of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is trying her best to frighten us into choosing her since, as she points out, we don’t know the other person well-enough.   Donald Trump is trying his best to point out that we know her more than well enough, and that he is the better of the two alternatives since he couldn’t possibly be as problematic as Hillary Clinton would be sitting in the Oval Office.

This is sort of the “devil we know” vs. the “devil we don’t know” argument when it gets right down to the nub of the matter.

In one case, we have seen one person so much, in so many different situations, over so many years, with so many unanswered questions, and so many ‘iffy’ situations that remain unexplained to a reasonable person’s satisfaction that we stiffen with fright at the thought of that person sitting in the Oval Office.

In the other case, we have heard about (rather than outright witnessing since he was not on our radar screen like the other candidate has been) the business dealings of the other person.  We are told of his ‘reputation’ as that is defined by the media.  We are given input by the media and we have been somewhat resistant to that input since it seems the media faces may be trying to steer us in a particular direction.

It appears, more and more as this story unfolds before our eyes and ears, that we are being steered by a media that is not charged with steering us; to the contrary it is supposed to be absolutely apolitical.  We are witnessing a new kind of media intervention in that the talking heads are actually telling us, albeit disguising that as ‘news’, whom we ought to vote for through their personally biased presentations of innuendo and subtle maneuvering of the candidates on camera to achieve a preconceived goal.

Maybe these media types are not aware of what we see, but that is very difficult to swallow given their possession of such authoritative positions on camera in our lives.  We welcome these people into our homes regularly.  Some of us see them as the source of all things true and simply do not take the time to verify or even question  the things we’ve heard.

Are the media elites shaping the outcome of this race?   If so, is this intentional or unintentional?  If so, there  must be accomplices all the way to the top of these organizations.  Nothing airs that isn’t agreed to all the way up to the office of the network President.

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