How Much Was That Iranian Non-Ransom Payment?

We finally learned that the $400 Million paid to Iran was, in fact, a ransom. That, of course, was not what we had been told over and again by our government.  Imagine how badly our Obama-led government  must feel now with the revelation that the $400 Million was only a comparative “drop in the bucket” to the actual ransom paid by our government.

Of course, we have come to expect that we will be lied to by the leaders of our country; at least the current leadership of our country.  That statement is, unfortunately, true.  But, I doubt that even we who are a bit skeptical on occasion could have imagined the real number that ultimately was paid for the release of those prisoners.

Our country, which refuses to pay ransom because that simply begets more hostage-taking, has actually paid a total of $1,700,000,000 for the release of those prisoners. That is $1.7 Billion, more than 4 times what we were originally led to believe.  We have placed a super-high value on hostage-taking while we were professing to refuse to engage in hostage negotiation at any price.

So, we are now, among other things, really wonderful targets of opportunity for kidnappers of foreign governments.  And there are those foreign entities that are not above this kind of fund-raising and country-embarrassing.  Any one of us could probably tick off three or four such countries without straining.

The apparent naivete` of our current government officials coupled with their propensity for outright lying to us citizens is a very troubling combination.  Not only can we be outwitted with apparently little effort, we are also capable of being jerked around after the outwitting has occurred. What a great combination that is for any country wanting to pick up some easy money.

That there has not been a firestorm of national media outrage is appalling.  It is as if our mainstream media knew all along how this game was rigged, and now refuses to rub the President’s nose in the droppings that stink to high heaven.  An apparently complicit media coupled with a seemingly less-than-capable leader makes for a very bad combination.

Where might this $1.7 Billion have been used inside our own borders?  Or, why could this $1.7 Billion not have been subtracted from the tax bills of all Americans for the coming tax season?  Or maybe we could’ve simply had a good old-fashioned Congressional investigation with all public testimony to cause extreme embarrassment for the government’s current leadership.  That could’ve served to frame the coming high-season of elections even better than those are already cast.

Is it possible that the current Secretary of State might have had a heavy hand in this whole fiasco?  I suspect this would fall in that department’s bailiwick.  Might this cast an entirely different light on the race for the Presidency.  Might Hillary Clinton be getting more kid glove treatment by this obfuscation?  Was this all worked out without State Department involvement?   Since this is precisely the kind of thing the State Department is involved with, that does not seem to track.

We apparently have a somewhat inept current President who felt the need to protect the next Democratic candidate for his office who was at the heart of this fiasco.  Isn’t that a surprise? Not really the way this presidency has been unfolding.

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