HRC: Dishonest or Dumb? has posted this interesting question given the FBI document dump late on the Friday before the three day Labor Day week-end.  It seems apparent to many of us who are not tied to the government that these Friday dumps before a long week-end are customary when there is bad news tied to it for someone or several someones.

Hillary’s team took a hammer to several of her Blackberry devices and no one could find other laptops that Hillary had used.  The idea that this all was done behind her back seems preposterous, at least to those of us who do not live in the Washington, D.C. la-la land where such happenings are apparently not at all out of the ordinary.

She has maintained her innocence,and the FBI has treated this entire debacle with Kid gloves. Director Comey asks us to trust him and his agency but this is the kind of stuff that makes those requests almost comical.

We flat-landers may not always be able to hit the nail on the head BUT this was simply a’no-brainer’.  What about this defies understanding?  How can this be so complicated as to defy discovery by the FBI?  Where is the vaunted press when we need it?  Farcical is a word that pops into my mind as I ponder these questions.

We are played for the fools that we must be if we continue to permit this kind of ‘crap’ over and over again.

If we but take a closer look at all the ‘curious’ occurrences that involve Hillary and Bill Clinton and cannot see that there is something amiss when they continually skate away from the scrutiny of federal agencies and the mainstream media, we seemingly deserve what we get…more Clinton shenanigans.

And here we are lining up once again for another dose of those same Clinton shenanigans. Yum! Yum!  Please give me  more!  I need more Clinton leadership in my life.  I need to read all the stories about unbelievable occurrences that would never be possible in our lives, yet which are commonplace in Clintonworld.

We must be among the dumbest people on this planet if we cannot see through the charade that has been foisted upon this country by the Clinton family.  We do understand that fairy tales do not happen to real people, and yet this family defies that reality which hovers over you and me.  And they do it in episodes over time.

This family is anything but ‘dumb’. Anyone who can make a $10,000 cattle futures investment turn into $100,000 in some three weeks cannot claim to be dumb.

And, why do we permit government agencies to knowingly obfuscate by doing the “Friday document dump” dance over and over again?  Especially the FBI?   Our national ‘attention span’ cannot possibly be longer than 15 minutes.  This kind of thing has occurred again and again, and we know what is happening yet it continues over and again without any repercussions for those ‘guilty’ of snowing us.

We are the ones who are”dumb” for permitting this to occur to us over and over again. That only leaves one conclusion:  those perpetrating this farce are dishonest.

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