High Political Season…

We are in our ‘high political season’ and it promises to continue for many weeks ahead even though I’d venture most of us are likely ready to cast our ballots today.  There are skeptics among us, me included if I were to be queried and respond honestly, who hope that some significant occurrence might change the opponent’s position to that of a very distant second.  We also hope that our pick can proceed to election day without a grievous misstep that costs him or her the potential desk in the White House.

One candidate, Mrs.Clinton, seems to have some kind of a heavy coating of some mysterious slippery substance that permits her transgressions to simply slide off not causing any further erosion of support.  The other candidate, Mr. Trump, seems to be the target of most members of the mainstream media given his propensity for bombastic outbursts early in his campaign. The media appears to have a leaning toward Hillary Clinton in its latent support and seems to be equally as opposed to Donald Trump.

We who support Trump, the conservative of the two, realize it is a virtual impossibility that the press will overcome its ‘lack-of-fairness’ thingy and actually be fair with and toward Trump.  Too many in the mainstream media have had it all their way since the printing press was invented, or nearly for that long.  Even when a member of that group says something, there seems always that barb which is intended to damn him, with faint praise if any praise at all.  These people are relentless and not at all likely to give up their slanted coverage even when they are called out on that coverage and its unfairness.

Why would they relent when there is nothing to lose by continuing to abuse Trump?

Can you imagine what their coverage will be when Donald Trump overtakes Hillary Clinton in polling and they are faced with the possibility of her loss and Trump’s win?  I can almost read the columns the following day describing the faulty or slanted polling approach designed to obscure Hillary’s controlling lead, and finding some way to place the blame for that on Donald Trump and his millions, and minions with which he can influence anyone whom he chooses to influence, except, of course for the mainstream media which is beyond reproach or approach.

Ponder, if you would, what we’d have been seeing day-in and day-out if the e-mail scandal were Trump’s problem and not Clinton’s problem. Do you think it would be continually ignored or do you think it would the BOLD-FACED HEADLINE day after day after day?  I think most of us, if we’re being honest, would have to admit that Trump would be hammered day-in and day-out, both morning, noon and evening.  The congressional calls for an immediate investigation would not be ignored, and the FBI would not be giving Mr. Trump a pass as it has given Hillary Clinton a pass.

What would have happened if Trump’s son were to have visited the the person in charge of the investigation on an airplane tarmac ‘just to talk over old times and exchange stories about relatives’?  We all know the answer; both liberals and conservatives know the answer.  Every story line would’ve been assailing the visit and talking about how unfair it was to put the official in such a position all because of politics.

We all understand exactly what is being foisted upon us, and we complain vigorously all to no avail because we are not of the ‘anointed’ party; we are the obvious enemy of all that is good in our country.  We are CONSERVATIVES or simply not liberals, and therefore we do not deserve fair and equal treatment under the law.

Apparently enough of us are blind by intent and able to condone this travesty.  How those who do that sleep at night amazes me.  How the press could’ve played this out in the manner it did amazes and sickens me.

I’ll take my disgust into the polling place in November, and I’ll cast a proud ballot for Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.  And I pray that you’ll do likewise.  We cannot permit our Constitution to be trampled upon as it is being trampled upon by officials in our government today.

If we do not rein this rush to the bottom in at this point, we’ll be closer to the time when we’ll be unable to rein it in when the same tricks are employed again. And, if this is permitted to stand today, we will certainly see the same kinds of behavior in our future.

Vote your conscience, not what your party has set you up to do with its basic charade to obscure the truth.

One thought on “High Political Season…

  1. The media has always thought that “The masses (us) are asses” and that we can easily be swayed with a Bold Headline or a “truth shaved” statement ” or a verbal quote “Presented with theatre”……………we actually do have a 3 party system with the media being the 3rd and most powerful of all. Voting one’s conscience , voting at all is the only effective offset, to demonstrate that we are not the fools that the liberal press believes that we are………….VOTE!


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