Donald Trump: Coming of Age

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has apparently come of age, politically, with his trip to Mexico, his parley with Mexico’s president and his later evening speech to America. This is obviously just my opinion but I suspect that opinion is shared by many of us conservatives if we watched the speech last evening.  There, in fact,was a future president in the guise of Donald Trump. He can really walk the walk and talk the talk at that level.  He can be a political deal maker and he will not always have to resort to the bombast that has tended to be his trademark to this point.  This was a reasoned discussion.

This seemingly new iteration of Mr.Trump appears at almost precisely the time that Hillary Clinton is flirting seriously with an implosion given all the baggage she transports where ever she goes.  As many Americans are growing tired of her worn old phrases, the temporary ‘human’ approach that her coaches push on her, and the relatively quick return to the real Hillary, Donald Trump is emerging from the cocoon.

Given the hypothesis, we can now, if we choose, shift to the period of expectation of the new Donald Trump.  How will he carry himself?  Will he still exhibit the bombast we know he can on occasion?  Will he diligently work on the ‘Presidential appearance’ until that is simply him without any forethought required?

Only time will tell, but his switch in campaign managers seems to have come at the perfect time, and he seems to be taking heed of suggestions today that would’ve likely fallen on deaf ears prior to now.

How will this impact Hillary Clinton, if at all?   I am reasonably certain that by the time you read this blog she will have developed her hoped for antidote to this significant moment of success on his part.  We also, at least I think most of us, recognize that she is what she is. She is a shrill, cocky, swaggering woman who drags so much baggage behind her, no pun intended, that maneuvering mid-campaign is a bit difficult.  She has adopted a few new approaches but seems to lapse back into the more comfortable shrill, loud rotund person some have grown to love and others have dismissed from their sight, and probably their memory, if good fortune smiles on them.

The long and the short of all this is simple:  Donald Trump has been reborn as a very viable candidate for the office of President of the United States.  His ‘out-of-the-blue’trip to meet with the President of Mexico has given him several new notches on his pistol grip. He stood side-by-side with a sitting President and held his own, appearing quite presidential in his own rite.  The aura was striking when we compare it to what we would’ve seen in our mind’s eye a couple of days earlier.

This is at least a re-born Donald Trump who has indeed come of age as a presidential contender. He took the chance and made the absolute best of the opportunity.  We now have a new image of the man when we think about Donald Trump.  His new image is of the man standing side-by-side on international television with the sitting President of our neighboring country having no difficulty holding his own and appearing quite presidential while doing so.

I believe that Donald Trump has come of age as a contender for the title of ‘President of the United States of America’.  I expect we will see a greatly re-energized Donald Trump who has the appearance of a president given that he has now swam side-by-side with a sitting president with whom he has some obvious disagreements; and, has come through with banners flying having accomplished as much as he had desired, and maybe even a bit more.

I have personally dropped the ‘lesser of evils’ tag from my mind’s eye and I will be able to proudly cast my ballot for this man come that fateful election day.  Donald Trump has shown us all that he has what it takes to be President of the United States of America. Frankly, he has always been head-and-shoulders above his opponent but today I can be proud to support him, not just support him begrudgingly.

There is a huge difference for me and I suspect for many of you who will read this blog. This was a huge deal!  Whoever developed this idea and sold it to Mr. Trump and then to the Mexican President’s handlers is earning his or her money,and I am pretty sure it is a her, his new campaign manager who seems to be working miracles.  Keep it up!


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