Clintonitis! Where is the cure?

Is there no cure?  Are we doomed to suffer chronically?

We regularly are treated to one reminder or another of the sordid history this family carries along with it, and yet this family floats unscathed above the various issues. The press seems to have forgotten what the definition of a ‘watchdog’ is and how they were conceived to fulfill that role for us mere citizens. We see more and more consolidation of newspaper entities all being rolled into the USA Today family which only promises a lesser-quality version of the print media than that to which we had become accustomed.

Most of us, if we will but step back and carefully review the facts, can actually come to our own conclusions but we seem to have become such lazy consumers of information that we are simply content to let someone else do our thinking for us.  That laziness is threatening to result in another 8 years of Clinton dominance.  Bill Clinton is anything but shy and retiring.  State department favors appear to have been casually sold by Hillary Clinton. The FBI Director somehow justified doing nothing other than scolding Hillary for her antics after the “investigation” even though we watched and heard and had all but concluded she was in deep ‘do-do’.

The Clinton Foundation appears to be nothing but a money manufacturing machine for the Clinton family.  The speech prices are astronomical.  The $3 Million ‘earned’ by Chelsea is just a bit much for most of us to swallow as justified and legitimate.  Where is the IRS when the need for an audit seems present?

The Clinton family members simply live/lived charmed lives.  Walk through the history beginning in Arkansas with the women crying out for justice, the Vince Foster episode, and the cattle future shenanigans that turned $10,000 into $100,000 in a few weeks in Hillary’s maiden voyage in that world. Continue that walk through the years with things like the Rose Law firm episode, leading up to now and there wasn’t much of a change. Corners were regularly trimmed, favors were regularly dispensed, millions upon millions of dollars were accumulated by this couple that literally started with nothing.  The “blue dress” episode was soon removed from memory. ‘Only in America’ seems to have been a phrase coined to cover the Clintons’ success in spite of the family history.

It is virtually inconceivable to think that this family is where it is without having received the largess and benevolence of many including prosecutors who managed not to find crime or to pursue convictions. Slaps on the wrist were even few are far between.  Maybe they skate because so many others are also involved.  There has to be some reason other than simply shoddy investigation and prosecution.

Clintonitis.  Maybe there simply is no cure.



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