The Petulant Quarterback…

Colin Kaepernick, the NFL 49er’s QB, continues to refuse to stand during the playing of the National Anthem at the start of NFL games.  Among other statements he’s made in this regard, he refers to ‘cops shooting people and then getting paid time-off’, etc.  He has also displayed his lack of understanding as to why we begin such events with the National Anthem.  If this is permitted to go unchecked without any punishment for him, we can expect to see all kinds of demonstrations by NFL players contrary to the instructions of their employers, the NFL teams.

Kaepernick has a following of fans and he could certainly work to arouse their passion on this subject when he is not on the playing field and when he is not disrespecting the country of which he is a citizen.

If the 49ers don’t handle this, the league may well intercede and it should.  The act of petulance may be okay if he does it on his own time (I even question that), but the start of the game isn’t his own time.  If he chooses to anger his fans, so be it.  Let him lose the share of sales of his jerseys, etc.  Let him ruin the value of his autograph. Let him lose his contract with the 49ers.

When this is permitted to occur at the beginning of an NFL game, Kaepernick places all the NFL teams, all the owners, all the officials and all the other players on the same stage whether or not they wish to be a party to his beliefs and this manner of making those beliefs known.

Frankly, this bothers me more than ‘inflate gate’ bothered me (that obviously had nothing to do with political issues perceived by some).  I disagree with Kaepernick’s belief and am not at all interested in his perspective when I tune in to watch a football game.  He is a quarterback and not someone to whom I turn for political opinion.  I could not care any less about his beliefs, especially when he has shared enough with me to help me understand that he is way off base and that his antics can be toxic to viewers who might believe him simply because he is a ‘star’.


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