Martha Washington Had It Right…

Our nation’s first First Lady is quoted as having said:

The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our disposition, and not upon our circumstances.

That was true when she said it and it is just as true today.  Each of us has the gift of being able to rise above circumstances if we will but put that gift to use regularly.  We are given the choice of persevering or of permitting circumstances to derail our happiness.  The choice is ours.  Yes, it is a ‘mind game’ but that is a game only we can control.

I think of this as our two national political parties’ candidates go through the thrust and parry of everyday campaigning.  Most of us probably have a favorite person of the two who are in the race to the White House.  Anyone who has read my blogs knows the person who will gather my vote and the reasoning behind that decision.

That having been put behind, I find the day-to-day campaign efforts by the two candidates energizing, maddening, frustrating, smile-inducing, gut-wrenching, etc.  My choice and the other person both have the ability to make me cringe; the other person makes me cringe with her positions and her “I’m the obvious choice and you should put me in the White House” attitude.  My choice makes me cringe when he demonstrates that he is a political novice and that he is capable of great ideas but can step on the presentation of those great ideas given his occasional bombast.  But he is improving each day.

I do not wish time away, but I confess I will be pleased to see our national election day arrive.  I fear I may be quite disappointed in the choice made by the majority of us voters if the polls are anywhere near accurate, but that choice is sacrosanct in our country and that is fine.  Either way, I will have ample blog subjects available; that is simply the way this all works.

The President of the United States will be determined by the majority of our voting citizens.  I will either be happy with that decision or saddened, and puzzled, by that decision, but that will be the way it is for the next four years…or more.  I am not moved by the idea of the first woman president but I am not a woman.  If I were that might be different, but the women in my life don’t seem to see her sex as the driver behind committing to vote for her.

I do understand that Mr. Trump has some, maybe even quite a few, rough edges, but I believe him to be truthful in the vast majority of situations.  I cannot say that about his opponent who has made a career out of surviving one escapade after another alongside her husband.  I find no ‘hope’ in the couple from Hope, AR.

If Hillary Clinton emerges as the next President of the United States, I will find a way to live with that decision on the part of my fellow voters; I will question their collective wisdom, but I will live with it.  That makes our country great, and that isn’t a play on my favorite’s campaign theme.  Ours is a great country, a beacon of hope for many around this world who can only imagine having a real say in determining the leader of their own country.

And, I will look back at Martha Washington’s statement regularly and accept that I have the ability to determine my own disposition independent of whoever does or doesn’t make it to The Whitehouse.  But if it is Hillary, I need to have a real heart-to-heart talk with those who supported her.  Maybe they’ll be able to show me why I should’ve voted their way…but I wouldn’t put any money on that bet.

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