Hillary’s Quid Pro Quo Game…

Quid pro quo is defined as a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.  

This is not what you’d expect from a Secretary of State, but where Hillary Clinton has involvement, there is money to be made in  one fashion or another and the likelihood that any will be left on the table appears to be remote.

The Clinton Foundation has been receiving significant ‘contributions’ from foreign powers.  Hillary Clinton is in probably the second most powerful position in government as Secretary of State when it comes to providing favorable decisions to foreign entities in return for ‘contributions’.

These kinds of happenings help us to see how  the personal server in use was readily available for shenanigans, for the delivery of a list of needs from a foreign entity that can be fulfilled by the Secretary of State.  If there was to be this kind of traffic by e-mail, it only stands to reason there needed to be some way to protect the secrets from public disclosure.  Use of a personal rather than government server would certainly fill the bill for that need.

This is certainly not something you’d condone in a prospective candidate for the highest office in our land, that of the President of the United States.  But that is exactly where we find ourselves at this moment.  The Clinton Foundation has taken in huge amounts of money from sources that could be seeking favorable government rulings in one form or another.  Those rulings would certainly be ones which could flow through the State Department.  Another term for such happenings might be “pay for play”.

When you go further to look at the records of the Clinton Foundation, you find that compensation and expense reimbursement made to family members and key staff amount to some 80% of disbursements while grants amount to just some 20% of the total outflow.  One would think that the ideal would be something just the reverse of this.  If 20% of the expense went to operate the Foundation and 80% went to the charitable side of the operation, that would seem reasonable.  Bill and Hillary’s daughter earned some $3,000,000 last year for her role in this Foundation.

We also see in print this morning that more than half the people who met with Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State gave money, personally or through companies or groups, to this same Clinton Foundation.  If you didn’t know better this might appear to be some grand scheme to extract money in return for favorable decisions on matters of interest to those people or companies or countries.

A polite term to describe these occurrences might be “an intersection of interests”.  A less polite term might be that mentioned above: “pay for play”.  Or maybe we should just label it plain old “money laundering”.

Can you even begin to imagine how much the Clinton Foundation could take in with Hillary sitting in the Oval Office if she chose to continue to operate in the manner we’ve seen in the recent past?  This seems unimaginable, but it is something about which we need be concerned based on the evidence readily available to us.  If the press can dig up this kind of information, what has the FBI been doing?  Might FBI Director James Comey want to go back and review the files again?  It seems almost incomprehensible that there was not something of an incriminating nature to be found somewhere; or have the Clintons simply proved they are masters of the slight of hand necessary to pull this off without detection?









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