Just Another 15,000 Or So; No Biggy

Hillary Clinton has outdone herself, and that takes some doing!  Another 15,000 e-mails were released to add to the 30,000 or so already released.  We’re up to 45,000 +/- now but not to worry.

Hillary Clinton has a sordid history of lies, half-truths, hiding documents, using private servers to assure she leaves no trail and generally bending the law to suit her wants and needs.  Yet, she and her minions urge us all to dump Trump into the nearest waste receptacle and hang in there with her.

There may not be that easily discernable hands down pick of a candidate for President this year, but there is easily one if we eliminate the worst of the two.  Hillary Clinton and her entourage of ‘people’ continue to astound with their brazen ‘ignorance’ of the law, and by doing so in the light of day.  Hillary Clinton makes Donald Trump look like a Boy Scout, with no offense to Boy Scouts intended!

How many classified items are there to this batch of 15,000?  Where were these?  She had, after all, assured us over and again that the 30,000 e-mails released were it.  There weren’t any more e-mails.  And now, 50% again as many were ‘found’…or were they finally sufficiently scrubbed so as to contain nothing too incriminating and thus were now releasable?

Were this you or me, we’d be in leg irons and straining to see out our prison cell window. But not Hillary.  She must have some juicy secrets on some high-level people to be able to skate on ice this thin time and time again.  The press seems to have found it possible to make little to nothing of this judging from what appears in my morning newspaper today.

Democrats have had a lot of fun pointing their fingers at Republicans chiding them for their candidate.  Donald Trump and his deals do not even come close to Hillary’s epic history of dealing quick and dirty.  And don’t forget the Clinton Foundation!  If there is not something prosecutable in this array of evidence, there will never be another federal prosecution again.  We can just as well disband the FBI for all the good it has been in this situation.

Can you imagine you or me being half this sleazy and not being pilloried for our doings? Certainly not, and we’d deserve it every bit as much as Hillary AND Bill AND Chelsea AND Umma deserve that kind of scrutiny today.  Can you even imagine what the rest of the world’s countries will think if we vote these two people into the White House…one for a second try at the gold ring as First Gent?

This would be such great farce if it weren’t so terribly, terribly denigrating to our country and to us as citizens of this country.  We ought to be ashamed this has been permitted to percolate for so long as it has without an ADULT somewhere stepping up and calling a ‘time out’.  Maybe someone like our President?  Or our Attorney General?

Donald Trump is looking more and more like a choir boy!

One thought on “Just Another 15,000 Or So; No Biggy

  1. The one approach we have not tried is to move the 2016 election back by one more year…………….the recent antics of Hillarie’s emails allows us to ask Biden to step in ‘after obamas term is up ‘so to referee a time out that will allow sufficient time to dissect these recent e-mails, determine their impact and lastly give more time for the two vice presidential candidates adequate time to get up to speed and prepare to run against each other in a new presidential election. Hillary would be gone, Donald will be too tired to continue and we the people would have a real opportunity to select a real candidate with a real up/down vote of two real Americans. During this ‘time-out ‘ a hybrid government consisting of 9 law makers (3 from each party) would be responsible for running our government

    It is worth a year..


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