A 12-14 Year-Old Bomber?

ISIL has plumbed new depths, at least I think this is a new depth, by using a  young girl (12 to 14 years of age) to act as a bomber at a Turkish wedding.  We cannot begin to imagine such occurrences in this country, and are therefore susceptible to similar tactics at some point down this road we are travelling.

There was a time when we would’ve thought the act of flying airliners into buildings in New York City was an impossibility, but we know better now.  Our own domestically-born citizens have been convicted of using truck bombs to blow up a Federal building.  We humans, it seems, are capable of inhumanities that most of us have difficulty even imagining.  We are stunned when we hear the news of a child wearing an explosive vest and detonating or being remotely detonated in the group attending a wedding in Turkey.

We rely upon our law enforcement entities to protect us, but I suspect even they would’ve not thought an ‘innocent’ child could be wearing a vest that was going to be triggered as she walked into the wedding group.  We have led ‘charmed’ lives in comparison to many people on this planet, and that makes us very good targets, at least for the first such occurrence.  Our law enforcement units, federal, state and local, can now add this to a list of things they need be wary of and attuned to as possibilities.

Among the lessons to be taken away from this occurrence is that ISIL needs to be taken very seriously as a potential threat around the world.  We have not yet learned of any domestic vestiges of an ISIL-type organization, but that does not mean there cannot be sleepers already here working their wonders with U.S. citizens where the populations are found in large numbers.  It is by far and away better for us if we engage and destroy that target on foreign soil.

We in America are so accustomed to excellent protection from threats that we have come to be less aware of our surroundings, and of those with whom we interact.  If for example, we witness a robbery there is that period of disbelief before we accept the reality of what we are seeing.  It seems we have the ability to look but not see, and that does not serve us well in the modern world where we are not always thought to be a good people, and therefore become targets of hate-filled groups.

We should, by now, also understand that our own American brothers or sisters of any color, background or ethnic origin are capable of being turned into zealots who lose any sense of the sanctity of life as they follow the teachings and leadership of despots.  We need only reflect on the news of such happenings in the past few months to understand the threat is real.

Remain alert and aware of your surroundings no matter how safe you believe you are at the time.  Better to have been aware than to become a victim as the result of the lack of awareness.

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