Incestuous American Politics?

Is it just me, or does it seem we read reports over and over again that feature well-known family names playing all sides in political skirmishes?  There is a very well-established behind-the-scenes political system comprised of the people who are usually in the background working without regard to political persuasion.  Party name means very little in this rarefied world; the same person/family might easily work for candidates of either major party in any given election.  The candidate is seeking,and paying for, the knowledge and the contacts represented by the firm(s) hired.

Trump has been a bit of an anomaly given that this is his first foray into politics; why not, if you are Donald Trump, start right at the top of the political mountain; no sense in doing your duty at lower levels and then trying for the heights.  Where are the fun and the notoriety in that stale, old approach?

If one is going to do that, one needs to buy the experience necessary to know which buttons to push when and in what order.  These firms or individuals are selling their experience, whether they have been successful or not, to the highest, or only, bidder no matter the person, no matter the politics and obviously no matter the beliefs of the ‘boss’.

Trump’s campaign chair was working for then-President Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine a year or so ago.  There is a phrase that goes like this:  Politics makes for strange bedfellows. How true!

There is more than sufficient cynicism to go around.  Hillary Clinton is equally guilty. Virtually all the people who rise to the level of national politics succumb to the sirens’ song of those who have been there and done that.  And, as the Podesta brothers, John and Tony, show the politics of the prospective client makes little or no difference.  A client with money is a client desired.  Pay us enough and we’ll change our stripes.

I have always seen national politics as something that requires a deep gut feeling in order to line up after a particular party’s candidate, but it is obvious that is not necessary today. The game is what is important and not the belief system of whoever is paying your freight.  You score points in your world by showing how tough you can be, not by how devoted to one belief system over another you show yourself to be.

Somehow, that seems to cheapen what has already become a system involving highly questionable morals.  Straight shooters are no longer rewarded for a life dedicated to one political conviction.  We only need to look to recent presidential campaigns to see how a Romney was vilified no matter the facts.  He was blamed for carrying his dog on the rooftop of his car cruising down the highway at speed when the pooch was enjoying the ride slowly and safely over a country trail.

This all tends to point up how a Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill and guilty of cronyism and dirty tricks of the highest order, can hire whomever she wants to help her win office because it is winning that is important, not the quality and capability of the person whose campaign is footing the bill.

I could not live with myself if that was my driving motivation.  I could not bring myself to sell my soul for money from a poor, or worse, candidate.  Only, apparently, when one gets into the rarified atmosphere of national politics does the sale of souls progress as if on auction.

Is there too great a semblance of truth, in this day and age, in the old saying:  Nice guys (or gals) finish last?  I fear that tired old phrase may be truer today than it ever has been up to now.  And, we the people, have permitted this obliteration of the concept of the phrase, may the best person win.  That has virtually nothing to do with too many election outcomes today…especially at the national level.  Money dominates all too often, and who is best takes a distant second place in importance.

The pessimist in me wants to say that, because of this, we tend to get what we deserve and not what we sorely need.

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