Is This Country Great, Or What?

Only in America would this success story have been possible, or at least it seems more likely to occur in America than in many other countries.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have released their tax returns, in an effort to force Trump into releasing his returns, and we learn that they earned a total of some $10,600,000.00 last year.  Not bad for a Secretary of State (annual base salary of $186,000) and a largely unemployed hubby other than for speechifying around the world.  They paid taxes at the rate of 34.2% after deductions.  More than $6,000,000.00 was made from the speechifying activities of hubby Bill.  Just try to imagine what one would have to be able to preach about in order to “earn” that much money.  Could it be that the speeches are simply ‘cover’ for gifting of money in return for future, or even past considerations?  I doubt that the wealthy oil barons in the Middle East make it a practice to give money away in return for spoken words lasting 45 minutes or so.

But, even better, the Clintons are philanthropic, too.  They gave a whopping $1,042,000+ to charity…with $1,000,000 of that going to, what else…the Clinton family foundation. They get a nice tax deduction for giving money back to themselves.  Of course, the foundation is supposed to spend its money on philanthropic gifts, but one has to wonder just how much the Clinton family members earn from their activities running that Foundation?  If memory serves correctly, daughter Chelsea works for the Foundation and earns some $3,000,000 per year.   Probably just a coincidence, though; certainly she must earn that much or they wouldn’t give it to her…or would they?

This raises questions as to just how well these people ‘game the system’.  If this is the visible portion of the system gaming, what does the invisible portion look like?

If you or I had a trail like this in our history, we’d have been tried and convicted several times over, but that seems not a concern for the Clintons.  There is one form of ‘justice’ for most and then there is that special form of ‘justice’ for others.

Can you even begin to imagine the uproar by the press and political gadflies if Donald Trump played these games?  You know that this angle has been thoroughly “researched” by the opposition, and by the press even though it has no biases, and if we’ve not heard about any such shenanigans to date, there likely are none of this magnitude at any rate in Trump’s past.

So, where is the press so far as the Clinton’s are concerned?  Is there some summer hiatus that causes them to hibernate or just conveniently lose track of potential stories if they’re troublesome to Democrats?  The differences in press coverage would be laughable if it weren’t so blatant.  Where are the bulldog reporters dogging the Clintons’ every step?  Is this not a potentially impactful story?  Or is a story of this nature only impactful if it involves a member of a political caste system not endeared to the press?

Then again, I have to remind myself that this is simply another chapter in the never-ending saga of the Clinton Family which must by now, be akin to Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer in the literary world.  We enjoy the tall tales and the manner in which they get others to paint their fences for them, all the while coming out smelling like a rose so far as reporters are concerned.

If the State department refuses to do its duty, maybe a least the IRS will take a swing at this situation…but I forget about the apparent “protected” status of all things Clinton.

Never mind.

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