You Know You’re Getting Old…

You know you’re getting old when you stumble over a new word in an Associated Press article headline in the morning newspaper that you cannot ever recall seeing before.  That word caused me to resort to Google seeking the definition.  Of course, the fact that I still cherish holding a newspaper  in my hands is another ‘tell’.  I think, though, that USA Today has taken care of that thing for me by acquiring the Milwaukee Journal Company and making my old newspaper into something akin to a poor man’s USA Today which has never really grabbed me as the way to get my news.  They have spent the better part of the last month explaining to me that my old newspaper will be shrinking in size and extolling the virtues of all the many news feeds I’ll be able to see given the fact they will be importing many of the articles already penned by their horde of reporters nationwide.

But, back to the topic.  The headline for the article read like this:  “Youths say meh to political parties”.  I thought at first that there must’ve been a typo and that this was the misspelling of another word that would’ve made sense in this context.

Google didn’t let me down, though.  The word, obviously, is ‘meh’.  This word is considered slang or informal by many and it means: 1. expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm. and 2. uninspiring; unexceptional.

I do try to learn at least one new thing each day, so I have that covered for today.  I doubt seriously that I’ll ever be tempted to use this new word in my vocabulary after today, but one never knows where one might find a need to express a distinct lack of interest and enthusiasm.  But, in the circles in which I run, figuratively, not literally, I doubt my saying “meh” would gain anything but strange looks as though I might’ve finally gone over the edge.

I am thinking that the editors of the venerable old Milwaukee Journal Sentinel might have noted this word and secretly are lamenting the sale of their employer organization to this upstart newspaper that is busily acquiring anything in print that can be rolled into their stable.  After all, the printing of a slang/informal term must be something akin to blasphemy for those with ink embedded under their nails.  What is the world coming to?

Maybe more to the point is the question as to where the print media, in general, is going to be at the end of the next decade or two?  Could it be that the USA Today organization is acquiring a bunch of stuff that is going to be made obsolete before the acquisitions can be sufficiently monetized to pay the costs of acquisition?  Or does that company know something about the future that makes this acquisition drive the smart play?

I will make the move away from the print version of the local news source at the end of this subscription and move to the electronic version at whatever the reduced subscription price is at that time.  I have written before about the tactile sensation of the newspaper or magazines that I will miss for awhile as I grow accustomed to the electronic version.  I have held the morning paper in my hands for many years, so there will be a new period during which I will become accustomed to only the tactile sensation of a keyboard or swiping a screen.

Old habits die hard.  Some die harder than others.  This habit will take some time for me to get beyond, but I am grateful for this brave new world since I can self-publish in the form of a blog anytime and anywhere that I am ‘connected’.  And it will cost me less than my current addiction to the print version.  But there will be no crumpled newsprint available when packages are being readied for mailing and shipping.


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