$400 Million Flight…

Talk about a big deal that we’re told is not a big deal.  We appear to have paid cash to get hostages back from Iran in spite of what we’re being told and in spite of this being expressly forbidden by U.S. law.  $400 million dollars in foreign currency, on a mysterious flight to Iran, followed by the release of American prisoners, seems to smack of some kind of story.

But we’re told we should just move on because there is no there there.  Had we citizens not had earlier issues where we strongly believed we were  being lied to by this Administration, there might have been a possibility that we’d buy into this charade, but that isn’t happening.  It seems this Administration is having a tough time with the issue of honesty, as in “there isn’t any honesty to speak of”.  We are expected to believe people who have lied to us numerous times simply because we should believe them since they told us to believe them.

I do not recall a time in my 70+ years when our government has been less believable.  I remember deals that got people fired such as in the case of Oliver North and the Iran-contra dealings.  That was long, long ago and Ollie  North paid a price for that involvement even though it had been done at the behest of our President.  That is a bit different from this blatant attempt to simply tell us to move on because nothing happened, but there was a price paid.

There are several things wrong in this affair.  We know that foreign currency was gathered so that no tracking of American dollars would be possible.  We know that the four prisoners were released shortly after that money was off-loaded and they were flown home.  This seems to be an obvious quid pro quo arrangement.  We give them money; they give us prisoners.

What do we now expect will be the future behavior of the Iranians and those owing allegiance to them?  There will be more such episodes with our fighting men and women being captured, held prisoner and likely roughly interrogated or worse.  Then another deal will be put together with foreign currency so it is untraceable, and this whole charade will be repeated again.  Each time this happens, the price will go up.  Each time this happens we lose prestige and we might very well lose secrets.  Sooner or later, this is going to blow up in our face.  We’re going to be taken badly; we will pay huge amounts of money but not get our prisoners back.

We have made pawns of our fighting men and women; we have devalued their lives.  They are now simply pieces on the global political chessboard.  This has become a big game except that it is a dangerous game and will result in deaths and loss of American clout around the world.  We have been the classic 800 lb. gorilla and people have thought hard and often before testing our resolve. We are becoming the laughing stock of the world’s bad actors and the price tag is going to escalate very quickly unless we put a stop to the game.

Congress needs to recoup its power and it needs to press this issue loudly and openly. Congressional edicts cannot be permitted to be driven over in such roughshod manner without big prices being paid.  Impeachment is not too stiff a price if it is proved that this President was culpable.  Sworn testimony from every military commander in this chain of events needs to be gathered, and fur must fly at the highest level of command that was involved, and yes that does include the Commander-in-Chief.

This is especially true if we elect Hillary Clinton given her track record of bodies, both literal and figurative, and shady financial dealings since Arkansas.  Unfortunately, Donald Trump seems destined to make that occur unless he gets his stuff together, and gets it together very soon.  This is but another example of how important the next election is to us as a country and to our reputation around the globe.  If we are seen as a little pussy cat that issues a hissy-fit but nothing stronger, we are in huge trouble.

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