Presidential Behavior?

I have had the pleasure this week of participating in our church’s Vacation Bible School (VBS).  I have been and continue to be surrounded by youngsters from those still in nursery school classes all the way up to post High School students who are serving as teacher/leaders, sound board technicians, nursery helpers, helpers with snacks, supervising individual time outs, etc.

I have found significantly more reasoned and reasonable behavior amongst this group from nursery age on up than I am able to point to in our presidential candidates.  If one happens to offend another, the offender apologizes…sincerely apologizes…and then behaves him or herself for the rest of the morning’s instruction/games.  We all know that God is watching us and we try our very best to be pleasing to Him with our attitudes and behavior.

We have two candidates running for the highest office in our land who could easily take many lessons away if they just came to one of our VBS sessions and sat quietly and observed for a morning.  These two may have attended a VBS somewhere along the line, but, if so, they seem to have lost touch with the way even children behave let alone with how adults behave…or ought to behave.

Here we are with two candidates running for the highest office in our country, and we are faced with that classic ‘lesser of evils’ selection winnowing process.  I know I said I would not resort to this descriptor again in my blogs, but this is simply such a classic case of the lesser of evils that I cannot resist tagging it as such.

Would their mothers be proud of their behavior or would they, if they could, come back and grab an ear and drag the offending ‘child’ behind closed doors and let them have “what for”?  I’ll just bet they would be the correcting types.  I’ll bet they would shake their heads in disgust at what this nice child has turned into as an adult, and they’d both be embarrassed, terribly embarrassed.

These two are guilty of showing their individual boorish behavior to us voters and, even more importantly if that is possible, to the other world leaders with whom one of these two will have to interact.  Imagine the leaders in China taking stock of these two, one of which they’ll have to deal with at some point or another.  Imagine Vladimir Putin in Russia just being elated to see what he’ll be going up against during the next four or more years. Imagine how concerned the other free-world leaders must be given these two options. They are no doubt also using the ‘lesser of evils’ comparison and wondering if there really is a ‘lesser’ among these two sets of evils.

These two candidates are showing our friends and our enemies around the world how they can best be dealt with, how they can be read like a book, how they can be most easily intimidated at the bargaining table, and so on.

Consider the difficulty we, the voting citizens of this country, are having trying to decide which of these people should receive our vote.  Then consider the elation our enemies must be feeling when they see either ‘frick’ or ‘frack’ and not minding which they’ll be going toe-to-toe with in the United Nations or simply in the back and forth of what passes for diplomacy in this day and age.

All this having been said, I still must vote; not voting takes away my ability to honestly critique going forward.  And there is a lesser of evils, so far at least, in my mind.  That lesser of evils is still Donald Trump without question in my mind (although he is working mightily to make me change my mind).  Hillary Clinton drags so much baggage behind her that there must be an indentation in the ground that looks like a furrow in a farm field.

I just cannot see another Clinton in the White House; especially this Clinton who is nowhere near as ‘likable’ as was her husband even though he was, and still is, a cad.

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