Is There Justice For All?

(Based on an M.D. Kittle – WI Watchdog posting dated 8/2/2016)

Wisconsin’s infamous run of John Doe investigations has taken a new turn with those who participated in/precipitated this episodic race to the bottom now facing legal action as the result of what some/many believe was a perversion of justice.  The MacIver Institute for Public Policy filed suit yesterday against Milwaukee County D.A. John Chisholm, some of his assistants, the former Wi Government Accountability Board (GAB) head, Kevin Kennedy, and the John Doe Special prosecutor, Francis Schmitz. The GAB is no more (it was abolished recently) as many will remember, and that is very probably a direct result of the shenanigans that it whole-heartedly participated in which resulted in these myriad legal machinations.

This goes back to what seemed an endless prosecution/persecution of various entities and individuals all of which/who were of the conservative persuasion.  Just a coincidence certainly; there is never any suspicion directed at a liberal in some worlds but that is simply because they are apparently always right…at least in the eyes of some.

DA Chisholm continues to pursue his case and seems unlikely to lose an election given the strong showings he posts regularly, so we can assume that, unless and until he is stopped by the highest court in the land, he will continue to spend taxpayer dollars seeking to prove himself correct.  There is a question in my mind about just how fervent he’d be/ would’ve been if the dollars being spent chasing this case were actually his dollars rather than just those of the Milwaukee County and Wisconsin taxpayers.

This entire episode, much of which continues to unfold even after very direct statements by judges ruling it should be ended, shows the highly intense atmosphere (maybe even hatred) that exists amongst some of those still in pursuit of what is apparently their dream.

This might strike some readers as selective memory, but I simply cannot ever recall in my lifetime as striking a case of political persecution/prosecution on the part of a Republican elected official as this.  In fact, as I reflect on politics during the course of my adult lifetime, the chicanery from politicians has seemed to originate from the Democrat side of the aisle. That is not to say there have not been bad-actor Republicans.  Where there is the opportunity for gain, either political or financial or both, there will always be examples of the human condition without regard to political leaning.

This continued intentional ignorance of judicial findings seems to be ill-founded but that doesn’t appear to be sufficient to stop it given the Milwaukee County DA’s activities. There seems a very decided personal vendetta involved and it further seems there is no near-term end in sight…in spite of courts opining.

If there is an elected or appointed office behind which a person can hide, this will go for some time.  If the elected or appointed person, however, is held personally liable/accountable, I suspect this would all end rather quickly.  The simple fact remains, however, there were individuals harmed and they have not received recompense nor even a simple apology.  The Milwaukee County DA, who has managed to safely hide behind his official status despite court rulings needs to be held accountable or he will continue down this path without regard to others’ rights.

Being ‘held accountable’ needs be more than a simple slap on the wrist, it seems, or he will never stop this vendetta.

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