The Dust Has Settled, Or Has it?

The dust has settled and we know who our two main candidates for the Presidency are and what they stand for if they’ve been honest with us voters up to this point.  Unfortunately, we cannot always feel safe in assuming that a candidate for political office is inherently honest, but that doesn’t seem to keep them from office anyway.

As it stands today, I’d have to predict that Hillary Clinton will be our next president as much as I dislike having to say that.  The Democratic Party is very well organized and has strong state organizations nationwide.  It is the strength of that state-based organization that makes me think Hillary is the leader and likely our next President.

Donald Trump is an unknown politically.  He does not yet have the Republican state organizations at his back as Hillary has the Democratic state organizations at her back. Hillary is great at promising ‘stuff’ and so far, Trump hasn’t engaged in that activity in any specific sense.

Frankly, Hillary is such a great prevaricator/obfuscator that I believe she’ll have that ‘edge’ over the Donald since he seems to not be so willing to rely upon lies to advance his cause.  He is not beyond a bit of puffery, but outright lies do not seem part of his daily fare.  That just doesn’t bother Hillary as I see it, and she has proved it.

What if Hillary wins?  Our country is potentially going to end up so far left of center over the next eight years that it may be impossible for anyone to follow her and right (no pun intended) the situation no matter how hard they might try.  We American voters are simply too self-centered and too easily bamboozled.  We bite on the “give-aways” without  there seeming to be so much as a thought about how those can be afforded without us paying higher taxes.  We seem to forget that government giveaways come out of our pockets before there is anything to give away…except of course for terrible legislation the cost for which might be hidden for awhile, but the cost of which will surely follow.

On the one hand, over-simplified admittedly, we have socialism.  On the other, we have some form of conservative capitalism although that definition seems to float about depending upon whom we listen to and what they seem to be saying that day, or that week or that month.  We know, or should be able to discern if we look around the world, that socialism is the ‘siren’s song’ that simply fails every time it is relied upon, but which, every few generations or so just has to be tried again.  We’re about due for that next trial of socialism and that is a terrible thing for me to predict.  Actually, that trial has already begun; it started about eight years ago and is already proving to be a disaster waiting for a time to happen in an outright manner.

With Hillary in office, we can be assured that our latest flirtation with socialism will be pushed ahead full bore.  With Trump in office, we appear to have another opportunity to avoid the full-throated plunge into a socialistic society.  He loves capitalism, especially his brand of capitalism whatever that turns out to be since it hasn’t much flesh to its skeleton just yet.

There is a real unknown, however, and his name is Vladimir Putin.  Some are of the belief that he and Trump are alike enough as to want to see each other do well.  If that is the case, we may see some covert moves that would give Trump a bit of an edge.  One such move might be the release of some purloined e-mails that are most embarrassing to the other candidate.  I will actually be surprised if we do not see leaked e-mails that make Hillary’s life more difficult at least for awhile.  That would go a long way toward confirming the ‘bromance’ rumor about Putin and Trump, and it is the kind of move I suspect Vladimir would be happy to make, if for no reason other than to horse around with us.

Wouldn’t that make for an interesting addition to this political puzzle?  If those new e-mails served to cast a blacker cloud over Hillary, would the American people lean more toward Trump or would they feel sorry for Hillary and rally to her side decrying Putin’s work to ruin her chances?

Frankly, we’re too difficult to analyze.  We, as a people, could go either way in that situation…but it would liven up the race for the White House a bit if that is needed.  For the moment, though, I have to see Hillary as the front-runner and I cannot find the words to explain how unhappy that makes me.

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