Voter ID. Just a Wisconsin Issue?

I have lived in Wisconsin all my life except for a couple of military-induced moves to Kentucky and Washington.  You can plainly see that I have led a very sheltered life.  I actually grew from being a youngster to adulthood believing that the vast percentage of all people were ‘as honest as the day is long’.  Then my life’s adventures took me to the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI and I learned what a sheltered life I had apparently led to that point.

I had/have, for so long as I could/can remember, been a conservative, and therefore a Republican voter.  I am still not a member of the Republican Party, but fully believe I am at least as conservative as the majority of those folks.  But even more importantly than all this, I am God-fearing and I am honest.  I simply expect that everyone I encounter is also an honest, upstanding citizen.  (I have, however, come to understand that to be, unfortunately, a naive idea.)

Given that background, I am still amazed over the issue called Voter ID since I do still expect everyone to be honest (obviously a personal weakness).  But, I have come to accept the reality that not everyone is honest. My morning newspaper confirms that for me every day, unfortunately.

The sides people take over whether or not there ought to be a requirement that people prove they are who they claim they are, and that they are residents of the place where they’re trying to vote, make me scratch my bald head in wonder.  There appear to be two sides to this ‘issue’.  It seems that those of us who are Republican/conservative voters believe that everyone ought to have to prove they are valid, registered voters.  It seems that those who are Democrats/liberals have some issues with that kind of a requirement.  I don’t know how your personal world is, but our issue has been going on for some time now, and it involves Federal judges as well as the politicians who occupy the seats of governance in our state.

We have a requirement that people be able to provide photo ID or an acceptable substitute to be able to cast a ballot in Wisconsin.  Driver’s licenses with photos are quite acceptable as are a myriad of other approved documents.  The state Motor Vehicle Department has stepped up its availability so that it can gather the proof that a person is who he or she claims to be, and then it issues a photo ID/Driver’s License.  The MVD also issues simply a photo ID for those who may be impaired and unable to drive, so that issue is covered.  The MVD has extended its operational hours in an effort to make itself available to anyone and everyone desiring an ID to be able to cast a ballot.  There are a number of alternative identification measures that those who work in our polling places are able to accept so that every eligible voter is able to cast his or her ballot.

Once again, we have an activist, in my opinion, U.S. District Judge who has AGAIN (yes, he has done this before) issued his finding that the current iteration discriminates against minorities.  He has written: “The Wisconsin experience demonstrates that a preoccupation with mostly phantom election fraud leads to real incidents of disenfranchisement, which undermine rather than enhance confidence in elections, particularly in minority communities.  To put it bluntly, Wisconsin’s strict version of voter ID law is a cure worse than the disease.”

Republicans are cast as wanting to deny the voting privilege to some while the Democrats and liberals are cast as wanting to assure that all who are entitled to vote can vote.  Quite the neat little package wrapped in a bow that the liberals have provided to overshadow the ISSUE which continues to be an ISSUE.  The old bromide, vote early-vote often, almost seems to have taken on a life of its own.  If one political leaning is always in favor of voter ID and one is always attempting to avoid strengthened voter ID laws, would it not seem to make sense that voter ID is very probably necessary?

Why else would Democrats and liberals favor no voter identification laws other than because the lack of these requirements would favor them more so than the opposition? There is no other reason.  And, we all know it.

This issue points up how important it is for Republicans and conservatives to gain stronger footholds at all levels of governance.  It will take years, unfortunately, because political favors granted have lives of their own.  Look at the federal judicial system comprised almost entirely of appointees and ask yourself if that would’ve happened had the Republicans/conservatives held positions of power as often and for as long as have their counterparts.

Is Voter ID necessary?  Yes, for so long as liberals decry it!


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