What a Team – Hill & Debbie…

It is hardly a surprise to learn that Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz might have been/might continue to be in ‘cahoots’ with one and other with or without the Democratic Party’s approval.   It is not, unfortunately, hard to believe that these two would stoop to such depths to assure Hillary a victory when the Democratic party convened for its convention.

It is hardly a surprise to learn that Bernie Sanders was very likely out-maneuvered by this ‘dynamic duo’, albeit not in the name of truth and justice. It is hardly a surprise that there may just be another e-mail fiasco to be learned about that includes these two wonderful, upstanding people, Hillary and Debbie.

What is now and will continue to be a surprise is simply that the devoted and honest members of the Democratic Party seem to be willing to ignore the lengths to which some in their party will go in order to assure an outcome favorable to Hillary Clinton.  This should if we were all willing to pay attention, go a long way toward assuring a victory for Donald Trump since I presume we are all loath to support an effort so tainted as this effort by people who believed themselves to be above either the law or party principles or both.

In spite of the glowing tribute paid to Hillary Clinton by her husband, who owes her far more than just that for her forbearance and forgiveness, it is almost a caricature of the old-time political parties simply watching the current Democratic Party work to make itself irrelevant through its own machinations.  Remember how the fat cats had the party regulars lapping up whatever they gave out as the truth?  That no longers seems just a distant memory.

Before this is all wrapped up in a nice, pretty bow, Donald Trump is going to appear pristine by comparison since he is starting out in the lead for that designation even now, and we know this is likely just the tip of the Democratic iceberg.  When there are seemingly so many threads to be pulled, even this press (a/k/a mainstream media) that desires to ‘hear nothing and see nothing’ like old Colonel Klink, so far as the Democrats are concerned will, one earnestly hopes, be unable to continue to ignore the array of evidence that shows the Democrats are tainted, and by their own hands.

If you weren’t observing this in real time, it would be almost impossible to believe it.  No accomplished fiction writer would try to sell this as the plot for a best-seller, but the Democrats are going to give that one heck of a shot.

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