Is Hillary Clinton Really Held To A Different Standard? *

Hillary Clinton believes she is held to a different standard, or at least she whines about/professes to hold that belief.  She has, at least in this phase of her life, felt that she is always being watched and always being measured.

She is absolutely correct.  HILLARY CLINTON IS HELD TO A DIFFERENT STANDARD than almost any other individual in the political world.  I know this is a shocking statement coming from a person who is seen as someone who doesn’t think Hillary ought to be our next President, but I digress.

Hillary Clinton has gotten away with things that you or I would have served time for if we were brought to trial and had been convicted.  She may have been convicted in the ‘court of public opinion’ but she has never stood trial for her shenanigans in a real court.  Nor will she ever stand trial in a real court for any of her past conduct.

She has, however, stood trial in many minds, especially conservative minds, all across this country, and very likely across the world since our politics in the U.S. is important to many in other countries given their reliance on us in one form or another.

The reality is that Hillary Clinton has been convicted in many conservative minds many times over.  I suspect there are liberal minds that have also tried and convicted her but about which we’ll hear nothing. There are, of course, questions about how that can be true and she still be in the running as a candidate for President of the United States.  Those are valid questions.  The apparent answer is that she has been given some kind of political ‘force field’ that serves to repel any taint of foul play or unfair advantage having been given and/or taken.  At the least, her force field is activated for many people of the liberal persuasion, too many if I were to be the judge.

So Hillary Clinton is on her way to being the Democrat’s candidate for President of the United States following in her husband’s footsteps; but, obviously, she would be the first female to hold that office if she were to be elected.  That makes this election very special but will it be special enough that voters will actually think before they vote?

The sad truth is that Hillary Clinton is held to a different standard, and it is that different standard that would have us forget, or at least disregard, the unseemly side of her life. Forgiveness only follows the admission of wrong-doing and that has not occurred for this person.

I wonder why it seems that only conservatives can see this.  Is it that we are so brain-washed as to be unable to see anything other than what we want to see?  That is probably what my liberal friends, probably fewer and fewer all the time at the rate I’m going, would tell me.  Or is it simply selective recognition on the part of the liberal mind that permits it to be so incensed over conservative positions as to see only what it chooses to see?  I know what I think is the answer to that set of questions but that is just me.

  • Special thanks to Jay Weber of WISN 1130AM for the spark of thought he provided this morning that inspired this blog today!

One thought on “Is Hillary Clinton Really Held To A Different Standard? *

  1. Where there is smoke there is FIRE………………Hillary and Billy have brought this scrutiny on themselves………….through questionable actions AND deceptive comments And misleading statements that are sprinkled with falsehoods . How could a Conservative mind make up things like, Whitewater, Cattle Profits, Monica, Vince Foster, Bhenghazi etc.etc.etc. …………….?????? The lives of Hillary and Billy have been created by them, NOT CONSERVATIVES.

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