Democrats & E-Mails & The Press…

Does it strike you as unusual/coincidental that both Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz have had/still have e-mail issues?  Is this something to do with Democrat DNA?

I have little, if any, love for Ms. Wasserman-Schultz or for Hillary Rodham Clinton, other than as members of the human race and, much more importantly, given the fact they are both creations of God as are you and me.

We know we are imperfect.  It seems that on occasion some of us are very much publicly imperfect, and that seems to be the bug that has afflicted both Hillary and Debbie. To think that both would have issues relating to e-mails is almost beyond belief but then again they might each have collaborated with the other to work out the plans for all we know or will ever know.  At least one of them is paying something of a price for her e-mail issue although that is very much subject to question.

Between the Republicans and the Democrats, we have what seems to be a most exciting election season ahead.  It would seem there ought to be equal opportunity-steamrolling going on given both parties’ situations.  At least that would seem to be the case if there were not a decided tilt to the way the national press corps appears to see and report on things political.  Even before this season is really under way, we are being entertained daily by one or the other party or even both simultaneously.

I will be quite interested in observing just how the press plays this convention as compared to the convention that just recently concluded.  Try as the members of the press might, it seems there is a bias that simply cannot be overcome by our mainstream media. This is a golden opportunity for them to prove my suppositions incorrect.

Back to the moment.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was forced to resign as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee over e-mails that came back to bite her.  She was anything but happy about this turn of events. She has always reminded me of a wild animal in search of something else Republican to tear apart, as viciously and as publicly as possible.  She is probably the most politically-driven person in politics today if outward appearance is used to make the call.

In deference to the Clintons,  either or both would give Debbie Wasserman-Schultz a run in this department except for being a bit more subtle about it, but she seems the leader at the moment.  Of course, there is much more to be seen in this campaign season.  We have a man on one side who is not shy about calling them the way he sees ’em going against a woman who can be as vituperative as any human I’ve encountered.  Sounds as though we are in for a most entertaining election season if we can just take our personal preferences out of the equation…which admittedly is very difficult to do if we are at all passionate about our politics.

A very real question through all of this is “where will the press stand?”  Will there be equal-opportunity criticism or will there be a decided tilt in one direction or the other?  If there will be a tilt in one direction or the other, in which direction will the favorable tilt go and in which will the unfavorable go?

Any bets on the Democrats?  I didn’t think so.

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