Elect One, Get One…

Sounds like one of those ‘buy one – get one’ deals we see all the time, but this is the first time in my memory that it actually might pertain to an election; to a national election no less. We are going to have the ‘opportunity’ to vote for Hillary Clinton for President and get her hubby, former President Bill Clinton, as part of the deal.  The first First Gent in history.

Usually a buy one-get one deal is a good deal.  That amounts to a 50% discount on regular prices.  Who wouldn’t think that was a bargain?

But in the world of politics, I am not at all sure that a two-for-one deal is worth the anguish that seems certain to follow.  Hillary Clinton in the White House again (this time as President and not just First Lady) is more than sufficient to give me nightmares, but the idea of Hillary and Bill in the White House again with him running loose as First Gent on our dime seems to be too much to tolerate and/or risk.  Hillary has not been able to control Bill to this point. Why would we think that possible now with roles reversed?

These two people likely have dirty laundry about which we know virtually nothing other than to be able to be reasonably certain it exists.  Hillary has been unable to control Bill since the beginning of their relationship.  How will she manage to do so now without issuing an order that he not be permitted out of the White House without her permission. Even that guarantees nothing.  We know of his lurid ‘antics’ in the Oval Office and he was our President at the time.  As First Gent, he is likely to feel even more freedom to act out. This is akin to party time on campus.

How will we know if President Hillary has put First Gent Bill up to seeing how this or that will reverberate if she pushes it forward?  Will he be a roving ambassador with super portfolio?  How are world leaders supposed to know the limits of his authority if he suddenly shows up supposedly at the direction of the President of the United States?  Can we trust that Bill will not party hardy with Russian President Vladimir Putin and agree to some deal that he doesn’t remember the next day around 2:00 pm  when he finally awakens?

Hillary could have Bill chained to a stake in the ground somewhere and still not know that he isn’t going to get himself, her and/or us in trouble in spite of that.  He is a man of remarkable talents, after all, and he probably still remembers where all the skeletons are buried.

Or, does Hillary already know she won’t be able to control the First Gent and consequently has simply made peace with herself that she or someone in her highly skilled entourage can bail him out of nearly anything he gets himself into?  Will Bill have his own private server in the White House basement?  Will Bill have a security clearance?  Could Bill pass the rigorous requirements to obtain a Top Secret clearance, or has he carried one since his Presidency?  He’d almost need that clearance level to sleep with the President.  She might talk in her sleep or he might read an e-mail to or from her on a private server hidden somewhere on the White House grounds.

These things sound somewhat ridiculous on the surface until you think about who we are talking about, and until you reflect on all the shenanigans that these two have had direct or near-direct involvement in heretofore.  For example, how great a return will Hillary realize as President in the cattle futures market?  If she could turn $10,000 into $100,000 in a few weeks trading in cattle futures as a poor Arkansas Governor’s wife, what will she be able to do as the President?

Fair Warning: I am not responsible for any nightmares you may experience.  Do not read this just before bedtime.

One thought on “Elect One, Get One…

  1. In my opinion , the worst is yet to come……………a tiger never changes their stripes!!
    remember when the Lincoln bedroom was for sale for a contribution? Now I fear the use of the Lincoln bedroom will include Billy boy as a guide.
    CLINTON is the newest way to spell DISFUNCTION.


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