Clean Up The Confetti & Balloons…

The 2016 Republican convention is finished.  The balloons and confetti littered the aisles…and there may be a reputation or two also found amongst that litter.  We can determine whether or not this was a successful convention by looking at the tripe flowing from the very liberal Mother Jones organization.  By that measure, this convention was a rousing success.

I am personally feeling much better about my coming vote for the Republican nominee, Mr. Donald Trump.  That may not sound like a rousing declaration of support, but it is significantly closer to rousing than it would’ve been a couple of months ago.  I suspect that by the end of the Democrat’s convention, I will be in full-throated Donald Trump support. The contrasts between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are stark and they all auger in favor of Trump, in my opinion, if you are a thinking and discerning American who believes in law and order.  I will no longer employ the term “lesser of evils” to define how I will choose for whom to vote.

This convention was a win-win for Reince Priebus and his team.  Priebus and team accomplished the fielding of an orderly convention when it was originally thought that might be a near-certain impossibility given the players involved.  Priebus and the senior Republicans also accomplished the envelopment of Trump as a solid member of the Republican team.  Trump seemed quite comfortable with that as did the Republicans in general.  There are still some Republicans shaking their heads and swearing they’ll just not be a party to this self-defined travestybut if they are honest with self, the alternative of a Hillary Clinton is simply not going to be palatable to the vast majority of people who typically vote Republican.

There is much ground left to cover as we move toward election day.  There will be opportunities for Trump & Pence to further refine their arguments, and to further define their opposition.  Hillary Clinton will very likely assist them in their need to define her and whomever she settles on as her VP partner.

If we look solely at the impact this election will have on the make-up of the U.S. Supreme Court, we have all the impetus we should need to understand the magnitude of this vote we will cast.  We are at the point where our country will be defined for better or worse more so than has likely ever been the case in our past other than for possibly at the very founding of the country.  This is not just another presidential election.  This is a critical point in our history and the decisions we make will frame our future for decades to come, if not forever.

We have drifted dangerously close to the point where liberals can re-make the country more to their liking.  Imagine the further erosion of individual liberties that can occur under an activist liberal leadership team in the course of eight years.  Imagine the swing this also would make in Congress; these two votes, presidential and congressional, tend to mimic each other.

A Democrat President, Vice-President, Congress, and Supreme Court together would have the opportunity over eight years to almost literally re-write the documents upon which this country was founded and has been governed.  The concept of ‘checks and balances’ would be eliminated for long enough that we would be subject to liberalism in its extreme for our lifetimes and for the lifetimes of our children.  That is long enough for the concepts of conservatism to have been thoroughly eroded or virtually forgotten other than when people studied their history books…assuming that those books hadn’t also been rewritten.

Back-to-back 8-year liberal majority governments would see the loss of at least one generation of conservatism, if not more.  This fall’s election is probably the single most important election in my lifetime.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that is simply hyperbole.

How I wish it were that easy to dismiss our current critical situation.


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