Cruz Just Can’t Do It…

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) just can’t bring himself to say it.  He just can’t tell republicans they need to get behind Trump who is certainly destined to be the Republican party’s candidate for President of the United States.  All he could muster was a benign “Vote Your Conscience” statement in his last hurrah in Cleveland last evening.

I have found Ted Cruz to be the least likeable person in the hunt to become the Republican nominee.  I liked his efforts to bring Hillary Clinton to justice for Benghazi and her e-mail fiasco.  There is, however, a certain grating “I know I am superior to you in every way, so don’t test me” vibe that flows from him.  There is that certain swagger that projects self-confidence to the point where one wonders if it is a show, and if there really is a problem with self-confidence.

If Cruz could show a hint of human warmth and show/demonstrate that he actually cares about someone other than self and family, he would be destined for greater things.  As it stands today, I would need big odds to wager a bet on him seeing the inside of the Oval office other than by invitation.  He thinks 2020 is his year now so we can safely presume he believes, and is telegraphing,  that Donald Trump has no chance to win.

Even if there is to be a President Hillary in our future, and I cringe to even think about such a thing, I seriously doubt that the Republican party players will want to put their money, big money, on Cruz in 2020 or beyond.  He as much as said, not even subtly, that he believes Donald Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton.  He has, in my opinion, just made sure his political career is limited to the Senate.  He had already created enough concern amongst major players/donors so as to make them step back and take deep breaths when his name was advanced behind closed doors.  This deliberate snub may well seal his fate since it could damage the party as well as the presumptive candidate.  It would seal/has sealed his fate with me as you can see.

Had Sen. Cruz been able to swallow some of his prideful arrogance and tell people that they needed to support Donald Trump in the name of the party, he would’ve been seen as being magnanimous and worthy of future consideration.  When I picture Ronaldus Magnus, I can’t even fathom Cruz as a future President.  The contrasts are so stark as to be almost indescribable.

Whether or not he would make a good president is beside the point.  He thinks there is an “I” in “team” and that simply is not the case.  Even Donald Trump understands that. We’ll see if this display has any impact on his duties in the U.S. Senate since peers play a big role in where various members sit and on the level of authority they will have in that body.  A grudge created is a grudge not soon forgotten in that world.

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