Standing Strong or Standing​ Stupid?

That is strong language but maybe that is exactly what is needed.  And yes, it is aimed at the ‘conservatives’  and regular mainline Republicans who can’t seem to get beyond Donald Trump being the nominee of the Republican Party.

These people are seemingly saying that their pouting about Trump as the Republican Party’s candidate for President of the United States is far more important than getting behind the properly elected candidate, and that is Donald Trump, and working to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

I’m sorry, but that position is, in my opinion, STUPID!  Trump has won this nomination fair and square.  He appealed to the voters who made their decision.  To void that decision by not voting for Trump in the coming national election is tantamount to automatically crowning Queen Hillary.  That is not an acceptable trade-off.  If she wins the big race, she will be sworn in and I and many, many others will have to live with that…and we will because that is how our democracy operates.  We will have had our chance to make a difference and blown it.

Are these people, this group of Republicans, so politically blinded as to be unable to see the difference between another ‘President Clinton’ and a ‘President Trump’?  Is this, in reality, a race to find the ‘lesser of evils’?  For many of us, that is just want it is, and that is unfortunate but very much a reality.  Donald Trump is the better selection from this offering of the two candidates available; we cannot afford to waste our vote with a ‘protest’ write-in because that is really a vote for Hillary Clinton.  There may be rough edges needing to be smoothed. There may be some behaviors we’d prefer to see damped down, such as the bragging that seems ingrained in Mr. Trump.

There is one thing that Donald Trump lacks.  The baggage he brings to the party is minuscule by comparison to the BAGGAGE that Hillary brings to the party.

Donald Trump is no Hillary Clinton and we ought to be very thankful that he gives us a choice not so blatantly compromising on its face.  Trump has some rough edges that I’d love to see smoothed a bit, and maybe that will happen as the campaign continues. Clinton has a history that she can do nothing about; she can’t make that go away.  It is time for our whining to stop.  It is time to step back and take a long hard look at the alternatives we see before us.

I will vote for Donald Trump and I will do so feeling good about my vote and what it portends for our country.  Frankly, I think there’ll also be some cross-over voters who are Democrats or Independents who also see that Hillary Clinton is simply not the right person for this highest office of our country.  I welcome those people whose conscience simply will not let them cast their ballot for Clinton.

Republicans who decide they’ll not vote are actually voting for Clinton.  That is the unavoidable truth, and any Republican who doesn’t vote ought to hang their head in shame.  It is time to ‘get over it’ and to set about doing everything possible to help people see that Hillary Clinton is not the solution.  She is the problem.

That is standing strong, not stupid!

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