There’s a New Sheriff In Town…

Sheriff David Clark of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin is becoming better known nationally as he speaks with his ‘no nonsense’, ‘political-correctness-be-damned’ bravado.  He had center stage last evening at the Republican National Convention and he called them like he sees them for this national audience.

Of course, this audience is likely defined as the red meat audience rather than the croissant audience so it is ideally suited to Sheriff Clark.  The big ‘cowboy hat’ adds to the persona and, in response to a question posed this morning during an interview when asked the question about why he wore same, he simply stated: “That’s how I roll”.  I was reminded of the Marlboro Cowboy whether that was his hope or simply where my mind took me.

Since the RNC Chair, Reince Priebus, is a Wisconsin resident, Clark’s choice might’ve had the benefit of Priebus’ knowing him/knowing of him so far as being selected for this honor.  Clark has been speaking regularly and has gotten better with delivery to the point that he is a captivating persona who gives every indication that he speaks from experience.  He minces no words which is a breath of fresh air in this world.

He is obviously the conservatives’ kind of guy.  He will be a featured speaker in the near future on a cruise sponsored by a major conservative publication, for example.  Clark runs as a Democrat and was billed in that manner for last evening’s talk.  He is definitely a conservative and doesn’t fit very well with Milwaukee County’s Exec and with the Mayor of the City of Milwaukee.  They both have to cringe over the fact it seems he can be the Milwaukee County Sheriff until he retires if he chooses.

But, David Clark seems intent on further burnishing a national reputation, and he seems to have gained significant favorable exposure over the past several years.  Fox News loves the guy since they know that what they see is what they’ll get every time they talk with him.

I have told the story of bumping into Clark at the check-in counter of a Washington hotel some years ago as he came back into the hotel with a bottle in a bag under his arm.  He made no effort to conceal his bag and was very open and happy to talk briefly rather than to have brushed me off as he could have easily done.

What you see with David Clark is what you’ll get with David Clark.  That may hurt him in some circles, but it endears him to most who know him or know of him.  There are at least three people in the Milwaukee area who probably wouldn’t mind seeing the Sheriff make it bigger on the national stage if that meant they’d have the guy out of their hair.

Who knows where he might end up?

2 thoughts on “There’s a New Sheriff In Town…

  1. We need more patriots, lawmen and true constitutional conservatives like Sheriff Clarke to redirect our actions towards keeping America safe. let us hope that others will emerge with the Clarke, persona and courage of conviction.


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