“Nattering Nabobs of Negativism”

William Safire coined this phrase for use by VP Spiro Agnew way back when he was fighting off the press challenges to his presidential candidacy.

I am reminded of this phrase more and more regularly as I read and listen to the doomsayers, both Republican and Democrat and also members of the press whom we know are all without political beliefs and party loyalties.  How do we know that you might ask?  Well, because they’ve told us so and they are members of the press, you know.  Golly, if we can’t trust what we’re fed by the members of the press, what has this world come to?

Reince Priebus bears the fault according to some.  He should’ve stood up to Mr. Trump; after all, it is his job to protect the Republican Party, isn’t it?

The press likes to remind us all that the Republicans are in the process of nominating Trump to be their candidate for President and that same press wonders how in the world the Republican Party can permit this to occur.  There is even mention made in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial today that Republicans have only themselves to blame for this ludicrous position in which they find themselves.  How could Reince Priebus have permitted Trump to gain control over the coming convention?

The current collective ‘nattering nabobs of negativism’ seem to have lost sight of a simple fact:  the Republican voters have indicated they like Trump, and in a democracy we expect the majority opinion to direct either the Republicans or the Democrats.  In another segment of this same editorial, there appears this statement: “The country deserves a legitimate challenge to a third Clinton term.”,  the inference is, of course, that it is somehow the Republican Party’s fault, and therefore Reince Priebus must not be doing a very good job as titular head of said political party.

When the people who help us to form opinions are unable to find an answer as to why the people they’re trying to make form one opinion (Trump is bad), can be so stupid as to form another opposite opinion, it seems to make them question our collective sanity.  This simply defies their ability to understand where they could’ve gone wrong; after all, this press group is comprised of the smartest people in the country and therefore we all ought to bow and scrape in our rush to join the parade.

The people seem to be speaking in tongues, I agree, but they are speaking even if some of us cannot understand the language.  There is a movement in our country.  It could bring Hillary Clinton into a four-year stay in the White House, or it could usher in the reign of Donald Trump.  If he gets the majority of the votes cast, the office is his.  If he doesn’t, the office is hers.

Other than for having one vote like each of the rest of us, I can’t find a reason to blame Reince Priebus for all that is happening or could happen.  The Republican Party and voters of the same opinion will speak and that will end the debate.  If we think that Hillary in the White House is a bad thing, then why don’t we jump all over Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for not overriding the wishes of her Democratic convention?

The reason obviously is the same.  Voters tell us what they believe by creating a majority of votes for the candidate they collectively deem the best person for the job.  We may or may not agree, but we abide by the decision of the majority.  That is how our country works.  It isn’t the fault of either Reince Priebus or of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

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