Two Weighty Topics…

The first:  The terrible occurrence yesterday in Nice, France brings us back to the realization that there is no safe place anymore.  The factions that hate democracy and our way of life are prepared to give their lives as jihadists and they find ever-more creative ways to wage their war.  Yesterday a large box truck became the weapon of choice as the jihadist drove through large crowds in Nice, France mowing down men, women, and children wantonly.

There must be a special place in Hades for such people, but that doesn’t affect us in the here and now.  We must become ever-vigilant in our day-to-day lives.  We must be aware of our surroundings; we must be aware of escape routes as we course through different venues, buildings, and so on.  We must keep our heads on a swivel and not be so quick to pooh-pooh the possibility that we could be walking into a potential problem area.  Large crowds are among the venues that seem to attract those intent on killing themselves and taking as many others with them as possible.  These people are capable of things you and I would find abhorrent if not simply impossible to even think of; but just because we might think that way, we cannot permit ourselves the luxury of negligence.

If nothing else, be an active observer of things.  As you walk into a store or a mall note how you would exit that building if the entrance you just used was no longer available to you. As you drive, be aware of the traffic around you and the behavior of other drivers.  Be mindful of those in your vicinity.  Try to avoid becoming robotic even with those things that are commonplace in your life.  Be aware and always observant.   If something just doesn’t feel right, heed your sense of concern.

# # #

The second: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg seems to have lost control of her senses given the things she has said recently about Donald Trump who might well become the next President of the United States.  She was quoted as recently saying “On reflection, my recent remarks in response to press inquiries were ill-advised and I regret making them.”  The remarks to which she referred were those she made to the Associated Press indicating that she did not want to think about the “Republican” winning the presidency over Democrat Hillary Clinton.  She called Trump a “faker” who really “has an ego”.

There is a solution to Justice Ginsburg’s disgust/personal dislike that Donald Trump could become President of the United States while she is seated on the highest court in our land. The United States Senate has the power to impeach a sitting Justice, or the 83-year-old Justice could simply resign.  It is impossible for Justice Ginsburg to ever be seen in the future as an unbiased Justice in any case that has a political overtone or undercurrent to it as do the majority of all cases heard by the United States Supreme Court.  That is why politics are a”no-no” for Justices.

She has committed the greatest faux pas possible for a Supreme Court Justice.  Her decisions in future cases will carry this taint and there is nothing she can do to eliminate that.  She made this comment in interviews with three different organizations: The Associated Press, The New York Times and CNN thus indicating that she had at least two other opportunities to recant the first such remark, and she did not recant but simply reiterated the first statement.

It is time for her resignation or her impeachment.  That is unfortunate but she made that decision with her careless speech showing her true feelings.  She cannot “unring” that bell.

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