Extreme Carelessness or Gross Negligence?

The Director of the FBI used interesting language in discussing his findings on the subject of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server.  He said she was “extremely careless” but others have suggested that to be comparable to the phrase “grossly negligent”, which might well have been chargeable while just being careless seemed to not reach that level in his mind.

The apparent difference between the two phrases, at least in Director Comey’s mind, was whether or not she ought to have been indicted over the use of a private e-mail server which we know was as porous as a sieve.  In one case we cluck a little and then forget after a bit, while in other similar cases there would very likely be charges preferred.

Hillary skates and may very well become, is likely to become,  the first female President of the United States. Presuming that occurs, what kind of e-mail server will she prefer when seated in the highest office in our land?  Her own again?

Seriously, we, as a country, appear to have become so enamored with a particular family as to have lost touch with reality.  The history that has been accumulated and subsequently dragged along behind this family is simply mind-boggling.  Were the name “Clinton” not involved, there is virtually no chance Hillary could be on her way into the Oval Office given the accumulation of embarrassing baggage.  Think of the difference between this and the photo of a loaded dog carrier atop a car creeping along a driveway as key decision points in a presidential election.

America is about to show the world that we have lost touch with reality so far as our selection of leaders is concerned.  And, that can be broadened to include the presumed Republican candidate in our coming election since I have repeatedly referred to this as a terrible choice with which to be confronted; a lesser of evils as it were.

Perhaps the next question, since we know that seemingly every slip in standards brings another sometime in our future: Where will we go from here?  Will we learn from this experience and swear (silently each of us to ourselves) to never ever let this happen again, or will this set of candidates simply set the stage for the next degradation in standards?

I fear it may well prove to have been the latter.  Once we engage a slippery slope, we seem compelled to continue the slide.  Maybe, should I live long enough, I could even sit in that office or you could take that seat.  We, you or me, certainly cannot have accumulated all the baggage that we’re confronting today in our choices.

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