All Lives Matter, And So Do Our Freedoms…

We have heard the mantra that Black Lives Matter, and we are about to hear more and more the mantra that Blue Lives Matter referencing police officers and other first responders. Louisiana, for example, has such a law under that generic title.  Actions such as those in Dallas do nothing to stem the demand for such changes in laws.

Might we be much more accurate if we simply accept the fact that All Lives Matter and try to move on from the much too trite to the very serious?  We have some very real problems in our country.  I believe that the majority, the vast majority, of us believe all three statements. We rightly react to such egregious acts as the killings of Dallas police officers. We cannot ignore that these killings were done by a black man who likely had some serious mental issues although we may never know that for sure.  I cannot imagine that there weren’t mental issues when someone does what this man did.

We all know that the ‘gun control’ drums will be beating for some time to come.  The single greatest cheerleader for this appears, at the moment, to be President Barack Obama, and he jumps on this platform within minutes of such terrible news emerging from someplace.  We have had little doubt about his position and there is no reason to believe that position will change unless it becomes even more stridently held.

There are constitutional guarantees of our right to bear arms that are not going to be stricken or rewritten for many years to come, if ever.  Frankly, I think there is too much political hay to be mown and campaign money to be raised with the issue staying in place; and that almost assures that there will be no change to our Constitution in this regard. Neither side would benefit politically if that were to occur since both would lose this ‘wedge’ issue.

We need to address the issues that are represented.  There are mentally ill people who have access to deadly weapons.  There are criminals who think little of killing others and they may well be as sane as you or me even if misguided.  There are factions outside our country that would like nothing better than absolute ‘gun control’.  There are already the repeated calls for the confiscation of guns from the citizenry by those zealots who believe that is the ultimate solution.  The ‘debate’, if it can rightly be called a debate, is destined to go on for the rest of our lives.

We have never had a real threat of the loss of our rights to own guns.  If we permit ourselves the seeming luxury of making gun ownership more difficult, we will only succeed in providing a more ready market for gun manufacturers.  Such a movement would require several generations to succeed unless there were an overthrowing of our government, which is not likely, and would have to remain off the people’s radar for so long as to be an almost impossible task to undertake.

The more realistic way to curb gun ownership would be to undertake the control of ammunition availability and that, I believe, is the greatest current threat we face.  Without ammunition, we could physically throw our guns at the enemy or swing our long guns trying to hit those we aim at but that is not likely to win us any battles.  We do need to be ever-vigilant of the issue of ammunition availability/scarcity which could be easily contrived behind closed doors and through congressional legislation that might not be worded so as to disclose its ultimate intent.

But while being vigilant, we need to also be aware of the positions of those who seek our votes, and the only way to do that is to ask them in public forums, to follow their proposals for legislation very carefully, AND to be well-informed voters and to always vote.  We must remember that what we see is not always what we get.  We need to be vigilant but not go overboard.

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