Ripples On The Pond Of Life…

Hillary Clinton’s escape from prosecution reminds us there are always consequences for any actions we take or don’t take.  Like ripples on a pond, these consequences make a difference of some sort and of some magnitude.

In this case, the ripples are similar to giant waves on the ocean of life, and they will be felt for a long, long time to come.  These ripples are the things that result in happenings down the road of life for which we seem unable to find a cause.  We will awaken one day, now likely sooner than later, to find another occurrence of the violation of rules that goes unpunished and each of the times we awaken to such additional occurrences, we’ll find that each has escalated to one degree or another.

What we should find as distasteful to the point of Hillary Clinton needing to face some kind of official reprimand, will grow and we may not remember how and when we began the journey down this road to our detriment.  Once the bar has been lowered, anyone knows they should, if they are treated similarly, be able to ‘get away’ with more and more things without any real fear of punishment.  Therefore, they do things they would’ve otherwise avoided doing since they have no fear of punishment.

This act of ignoring/pooh-poohing the facts in this situation by the Attorney General of the United States has drawn a new line in the sand that will serve as someone else’s justification for another egregious decision being made in another Administration and that will further erode what we thought was solid law.  We know, from past incidents, that some politicians are prepared to go that next step in the blink of an eye.

If the current twisted logic that seems to prevail held true, there would be anarchy in short order. When General Petraeus was caught sharing ‘secrets’ with a person not cleared to see those secrets, he was severely punished.  Hillary, on the other hand, was rewarded by our President with a flight aboard Air Force One and his participation in a political rally for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President of the United States, while the sounds of the Attorney General’s failure to act appropriately were still reverberating on the walls in Washington, D.C.  Note also that Air Force One left the ground before the AG had finished his press conference/without questions.  That seems to indicate that the President and the Secretary of State already knew she was going to be given a “Get Out of Jail Free” card by the AG, so this decision is plainly one in which the President at least tacitly participated contrary to what the AG would have us believe.

How will we be able to trust that Hillary Clinton, if elected to be our President, won’t share other secrets with other people?  Will she prefer to use a private server in the White House basement rather than to have her communications of Confidential, Secret, Top Secret and Top Secret with a further identifying label for really top secret stuff subject to review? After all, we know she has been investigated over and over again as she reminds us.

These ripples on the pond of life might better be described as juvenile tidal waves given what they will ultimately become if we continue to ignore punishing people who violate their oaths of office.  In this case, the public has the near-future opportunity to punish Hillary Clinton by voting for someone else as the next President.

And, we’ve completely ignored the Clinton Foundation and the millions and millions of dollars it has raised from foreign powers.   There is quite simply a terrible stench about the Clintons and it will not soon dissipate, if ever.

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