Hillary Avoids FBI Charges, but…

FBI Director Comey has just finished his press conference by saying he finds no sufficient reason to bring charges against Hillary Clinton but he does find extensive misuse of information and poor judgment in the handling of information that ranged from Classified to Secret to Top Secret.

I guess those of us who felt there would be charges should’ve known otherwise given the people who are/were involved.  I believe that the FBI Director made these decisions without outside urging, but he had to know the gravity with which his announcement would be received no matter its content

So, just what does all this indicate?

It shows the virtually utter disregard our current Secretary of State has for rules and regulations that she finds bothersome or troublesome.  It shows the utter contempt she displays for rules that guide everyone else in her world.  It continues a reign of virtual impunity that she has enjoyed since her graduation from college. It shows that she holds herself to be above all the rest of us who have ever been subject to these same rules and regulations, most of whom, self included, were never in possession of such critical information as she has had in her possession.

In my mind, it shows a person whom we simply cannot entrust with the highest office in our land given her utter disregard for the rules and regulations that govern all the rest of us. What will Hillary Clinton see as her personal boundaries if she is seated in the Oval Office? What kind of information will she share in those closed door meetings that escape all further scrutiny?  If she cannot be trusted with the highest secrets in our country, those classified as Top Secret, how can she be trusted with anything else?  She simply has no internal gyroscope that keeps her in balance.  There is certainly a valid question as to her sense of any behavioral limits or boundaries.

This is, unfortunately, another show of how much sway Hillary Clinton holds over those around her who seemingly will do anything she asks of them whether or not legal and proper.  These key confidants are not going to serve to hold Hillary in compliance with recognized boundaries of conduct since they are also complicit in assisting her in violating these boundaries.  Do we believe for one moment that any of Hillary’s closest advisors had any doubt that what she was doing on private servers was not proper?  These are well-seasoned political professionals.  They have ‘been there and done that’ many times over. They are likely to require clearance since they have been and will be subject to the same codes of conduct as their principal.

There is an old saying that reminds us that a fish rots from the head.  If Hillary Clinton becomes our next President, we have no reason to expect anything different than all we have seen and endured with her over these past many years.  The White House will be little, if any, different than the Arkansas statehouse during the Clintons’ rule there.  Bill and Hillary and family have always been above the law, and always will be above the law since they seem to always get away with their antics.

We always seem in awe of the ‘regular’ people who get elected and then become such financial successes, but we should understand that those so disposed will take advantage of every opportunity.  And, we also should understand that not every opportunity is pure as the driven snow.

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