Hillary vs. the FBI?

The long anticipated (by some and dreaded by others) meeting between Hillary Clinton and the team from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is apparently scheduled to occur this weekend.  All the FBI preparatory meetings have been concluded, and it is now ‘prime time’.

By now, the FBI team has pretty well developed just what happened as well as what didn’t happen.  It is now that the FBI team has the opportunity to issue similar questions to Hillary Clinton, and this team, we can be sure, is comprised of experts at what they do.

Will she respond truthfully or will she work at further obfuscation?  Will she respond with other than her declaration of being protected from self-incrimination by the Constitution? Both non-response responses and actual supposedly factual responses will be telling to these professional interrogators. They have already talked with others who were deemed in positions to have given them knowledge of the issues in question.  Those people were under the same compulsion to respond truthfully or be subject to possible future charges. The FBI team has had the opportunity to refine its series of questions over and again as the need was demonstrated.

The ‘kerfluffle’ involving Bill Clinton spending quality time with the Attorney General on the Arizona tarmac may also play in the questioning.  There will be so many potential opportunities for the FBI to determine truthfulness in both matters that might seem insignificant as well as matters that appear to be potentially fraught with problems for Hillary.  We know, from observing Hillary for what now seems several lifetimes,  that she is a master of obfuscation.  She will be as artful as is possible without admitting anything she believes could be detrimental to her future.

The result will be in the hands of the FBI since the AG has now pulled herself from the equation given the visit with Bill Clinton.  And, by the way, does it seem the AG should’ve known that she was going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time by permitting the tarmac discussion to occur at all?  I thought she might’ve been sharper than she appeared to be in this case.

What if Hillary refuses to answer any of the FBI’s questions?  Can there still be charges issued based on the discussions with all the other people involved?  I suspect that the FBI can present the facts, minus Hillary contributions, and justify whatever they will do following this meeting.  The AG has now rendered herself impotent by chatting with Bill Clinton and she is on the record as saying this places the final decision in the hands of the FBI.

The Clintons have become highly accustomed to playing the press (and know what to expect as the result) but the FBI does not lend itself to such manipulation.  The FBI has no political axes to be ground.  The FBI will look at the facts developed over numerous interviews and investigative actions, and draw its conclusions and both the Clintons and the AG will learn of the outcome at about the same time.

Of one thing we can probably be virtually certain: whatever the FBI decision there will be a firestorm from one side or the other.  The FBI Director knows this; the President knows this, and the opposition knows this.  There will likely be some kind of relative closure within days, and no matter what that decision is, it will impact our country’s future.

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