Bill and Loretta: Innocent Conversation?

Our Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a “chance” meeting for some 30 minutes with Bill Clinton aboard her aircraft at an airport in Phoenix, AZ.  This occurred with no one else present as it has been reported.  You may recall that Bill Clinton is the husband of Hillary Clinton, and you may recall that Hillary Clinton’s e-mails are currently subject to investigation by the FBI which falls within the scope of AG Loretta Lynch.

BUT, we can be confident there was nothing untoward about this meeting that dealt mostly with “grandchildren” and certainly nothing about the FBI investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s situation according to the AG based on her statement.  That this reassurance does anything but reassure is probably no great surprise to anyone given the history of the Clintons.  That our Attorney General was so bereft of understanding the implications of the chance meeting, with no witnesses, given the FBI’s investigation of Bill Clinton’s wife’s use of a personal e-mail server for State Department business is, in itself, very concerning.

She has, unless something changes in the course of this playing itself out, assured us all that she will have nothing to do with the FBI’s investigation.  I have no doubt that the FBI Director is a straight shooter given his reputation and the reputation of his agency.  I expect that the FBI will provide a thorough report on its findings.  If, however, that report does not implicate Mrs. Clinton in the abuse of classified data, which we know existed on her unsecured personal server, then I may have to change my beliefs about the FBI Director.

If former President Bill Clinton has served, through his private visit aboard the AG’s aircraft, to eliminate any escape route Mrs. Clinton might’ve had through an intercession by the Attorney General, Bill Clinton may be out of the public eye for several weeks while he gets over the injuries she is likely to inflict.

This reeks!  The idea that this was a chance meeting is very difficult to believe, especially given the history of this couple.  This is too similar to all the other excuses we’ve heard over the years.  I know that Donald Trump may have a lot of warts, but I doubt that he would bring nearly the personal drama to the Office of the President as will his opponent if she assumes that seat.

I run the risk of wearing out the phrase “lesser of evils”, but that is what we’re blessed with as I see the choice we have ahead of us.

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