EU and Britain Tangling Over Vote

The European Union (EU) is seeking Britain’s plans for the break-up and wants those plans now, but the current Prime Minister, David Cameron advises that he’ll leave the break-up details to his successor who won’t be known for some time to come.  Other EU member states were quick to point out that they do not expect there to be any change under a new Prime Minister, so they reason that the process of Britain leaving the EU ought to be going on right now.  From their perspective, the vote was the vote and they want the actual break-up to occur sooner rather than later.

Some of this may simply be the ‘payback’ for the  British voters’ decision that they wanted Britain to leave the EU.  It no doubt has stung the remaining EU member states and there may be concern amongst those states that their own populace will get the same idea. Britain was the largest military power of all the EU members and represents the second largest economy so the hit to the EU is significant.

There is obvious animosity over the British voters’ decision, and there may well be some concern over what this departure will do to the negotiating clout the EU will have remaining.  There is some concern in Scotland where voters have shown their desire to remain a part of the EU. That further muddies the already cloudy water.

Whether the EU minus Great Britain will be able to remain self-sustaining on the world stage remains to be seen.  There is probably some potential for the exit of one or more other EU members simply depending upon the positions of the majority of the voters of each current EU state.

Not mentioned so far is the potential for this fracture in the EU to be exploited by other nations.  Would this be seen as an ideal time for Russia to make some moves?  Vladimir Putin has shown his propensity for taking advantage of situations as those are presented to him.

Unless I have missed it, I don’t recall anything in the nature of a statement by the U.S. Lack of a position being taken by us would seem to add another dimension to the issues to be confronted by the remaining EU states.

Pesky voters have the potential for shaking up all kinds of nations and their grand plans. We are reminded that our world is potentially a volatile world given the various nation states and their individual thoughts about power over other countries.  The U.S. national elections might also cast a shadow on these international issues given the persona of Donald Trump seemingly subject to change from time-to-time.  We are in a bit of a lame-duck status given our national election process.

There is never a lack of excitement or, at least the potential for excitement.

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