Report of the Benghazi Committee…

Rep. Trey Goudy (R) has served as chair of the committee established by Congress to find the facts surrounding the Benghazi tragedy.  The Republican members of that committee, a majority keeping with the make-up of the House, delivered their findings this morning before the press and the cameras.  The Democrats obviously were not present since they apparently disagree with the findings of the majority.  Facts are facts. Suppositions and opinions are just that.  The FACTS are damning as they have been from the outset.  That the facts are what they are seems lost, potentially, on the balance of this committee since those members did not participate in this press conference.  I suspect they will hold their own conference and they will spin whatever they can find to spin.  That is a part of our political system and it leaves to each of us the final decision as to which set of so-called facts we choose to subscribe.

There are, from my perspective, immutable conclusions.  As Rep. Goudy so ably stated, he and his group dealt with the who, what, where and when questions.  His and the majority Committee members’ report did not deal with the why.  Another, to me, immutable conclusion was this: the press’ questions showed a decidedly liberal leaning and a decidedly accusatory tone aimed at the Republican majority.  The press’ questions were framed to portray this as a political witch hunt just as the Democrats would have us all believe.  This was the same press, of course, that refused to call attention to the childish behavior of the minority in the House who held their good old fashioned sit-in rather than function in the roles to which they had been elected.

Will this Committee report have any bearing on the coming national election?  That is highly unlikely in my opinion since there seems such a small number of people in the truly ‘undecided’ column to be swayed in one direction or another.

As a Republican voter, but more correctly as a concerned conservative voter with no other real choice, this charade was to be expected.  We have lived this type of thing over and over again in my lifetime. The liberals pronounce something and it becomes the equivalent of ‘gospel’.  The conservatives pronounce something and it is instantly the source of rebuke and further questioning by the very press members whom we are to believe as having only the facts as their concern.

We will soon have available the report as delivered by the Republican members of the “Benghazi” committee.  That will be complete with facts and we will then be able to read and draw our personal conclusions, the 1/10th of 1/10th of a percent, if that many, who read the report.

Hillary Clinton has not demonstrated that she has any sense of personal shame over anything, so this report will just be poo-pooed as usual by her and her minions.  This report does nothing to change the fact that good people lost their lives at least partially, if not more significantly, due to the ineptitude of the people above them in the chain of command.  There is a reason for having a ‘chain of command’.  That keeps people from going their own direction AND it establishes responsibility for both good things that happen and it establishes responsibility for the terrible things that happen.

This ‘chain of command’ seems to have been truncated in that it was comprised of only two people; the President and his appointed Secretary of State.  Everyone else either took their directions from this chain of command or were left to their own decisions and devices by the neglect that flowed from this chain of command.  We have no recourse, other than through history books, to reprimand or punish the senior member of that Chain of Command, but we certainly do not have to permit the second in that chain of command to skate free and clear and ride her “success” into the Oval Office.

If the watchdogs of the press were not simply the lapdogs they prove to be over and over again, they would’ve been aiming very difficult questions at Hillary Clinton over this huge diplomatic embarrassment rather than aiming their ‘gotcha’ questions at the Republican head of the Benghazi study group.  She has, in my opinion, proved herself, many times over, not of the quality nor level of trust we need in our Commander in Chief.

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