Hillary…In Spite of Her History and Bill

Hillary Clinton continues to lead in the polls over Donald Trump.  That is due at least in part to Donald Trump, but it totally ignores the history Hillary carries with her every step of the way to the White House.  And it ignores the philandering and money-grubbing of her husband…due to become the “First Gentleman” if she wins.

One would think, even in a contest determined by the ‘lesser of evils’ barometer, that Hillary would not be moving, seemingly inexorably, toward the Oval Office and yet she is on that march.  There is enough garbage, more than sufficient shady deals, and endless money-grabbing in the lives of she and her husband that it seems an impossibility ‘we the people’ could even begin to think that she deserves to lead our country.  And yet, that seems to be what the polls are telling us.

We ponder the wisdom of the Brits given their rush to leave the European Union, and yet we seem to ignore our own apparent lack of wisdom that results in Hillary, in spite of all her warts and shady dealings and money grabbing, leading anyone in the polls for the presidency.  The Milwaukee Brewers’  “Hank the dog” should poll ahead of Hillary Clinton and maybe he would if he only had the chance.

I continue to hope and think that, sooner or later, Hillary will stumble and not recover.   Obviously, my hoping and thinking seem not to be slowing Hillary down in her quest to become our first woman President.

We the people may, in fact, be heading to the point where we ‘get what we deserve’ as some would say, but I don’t believe any of us actually deserve President and Mr. Clinton. The Arkansas scandals, the 100 to 1 investment miracle in cattle futures, the women maligned and then ignored, the shady characters in their two lives, the body found in the park, the blue dress, the State Department e-mail scandal, the Benghazi debacle, the money-laundering she has orchestrated from her position as Secretary of State all fly in the face of Hillary Clinton becoming our first female President.

And yet, she leads in the polls by anywhere from 1 point to double-digit points.  Even Donald Trump as the Republican candidate cannot be thought entirely to blame for the errant belief too many American voters seem to have that puts Hillary in the lead…over and over again.

Even if we do this to ourselves, I will remain unable to believe that this is what we deserved.

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