A Couple of Things, Both Political…

Hillary Clinton’s server issues were front and center again and, this time, the report suggests that her server was so problematic from a security perspective that the State Department IT people needed to damp down the protective screening of the Department’s own security system in order for Hillary’s e-mails to be able to pass through the protection.  And that only occurred after Hillary’s alter ego, Huma Abedin complained that both her e-mails and Hillary’s e-mails (since Huma used the private server, too) were not being received by the intended State Department employees.

Not only was Hillary’s e-mail server at risk of penetration, but she also now is made out to be the cause of the State Department having to reduce the security of its own servers in order for her e-mails to enter the State Department system.  Can there be any doubt that this home-based server was penetrated by foreign agencies?  And, can there be any doubt that this home-based server may well have exposed the State Department servers to being hacked given the State Department’s need to dumb down its own security to permit Hillary and Huma’s e-mails to gain entry?

This is a story that seems, on its surface, to render Hillary Clinton a non-candidate simply based on her past performance.  But…that is not the case, obviously.  The Clinton mystique, no matter how badly tainted over the years, continues to drive the Democratic Party apparatus, and leadership, using that term rather loosely given the screechifier who heads up that party.

Donald Trump’s speech of yesterday seems as though it could’ve been influenced by my blog of June 21st…in my dreams only, obviously.  He came out using a written teleprompter-supported  speech which he delivered very well; and, the line of reasoning was excellent.  He was not the flamboyant self-aggrandizing person that we have become too accustomed to seeing.  He made a well-conceived statement of fact that damned Hillary Clinton regularly and appropriately.

This is the kind of speech, had it been delivered earlier, that would’ve changed the entire dynamic of his campaign.  He pinned the donkey’s tail firmly on Hillary Clinton without the typically overdone bombast.  He simply delivered a recitation of facts, and those facts were most damning.  This was not only the kind of speech that was far more appealing, but it was also the persona of Donald Trump that is far more appealing.  This Donald Trump could’ve been sitting in the Oval Office delivering this speech; he appeared Presidential and he sounded Presidential.

Trump, in my opinion, redeemed his candidacy yesterday and he scored big points against Hillary Clinton while doing so.  This was the Donald Trump who can win hands down in November painting an accurate picture of the Hillary Clinton who would be a disaster if she won.  If this Donald Trump persona can be the one we see from this point on, I believe he will be in the White House as our next President.  If this Donald Trump persona is the one that will appear against Hillary Clinton in coming debates, which are almost inevitable, he will win those debates, too.

I admit there is a lot of time left in this election race.  I admit this is a Donald Trump of whom we’ve not seen a great deal to date.  But this was the Donald Trump who can beat Hillary Clinton.  I hope he reads this blog, too.  🙂

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