New Kind of Campaign or…

Corey Lewandowski, the Trump campaign manager, is out of work.  He got one of those famous, or infamous, “You’re fired!” messages from Donald Trump.  Trump’s camp advised us all this was simply the sign that Trump needed a new kind of campaign.  The real message may well be something quite different; maybe what is needed to get the movement moving again is “a new kind of campaigner“.

Maybe ‘The Donald’ ought to fire the current version of himself and introduce us to a new version, a version that conforms a bit more to that which we think of as a presidential candidate.  Maybe the new and better version of candidate would recognize this is now all about organizing a real campaign that creates enthusiasm, that builds, rather than destroys, relationships with key players all across the Republican party.  This is a campaign that now must involve the ‘big money’ donors and party leaders.  This is a campaign that needs to accept much of the advice given to it by those who have ‘been there and done that’ over and over again.

Maybe this new Donald Trump could tolerate and be thankful for the advice many would like to provide, along with their money since he is not raising anything like what is necessary to mount the campaign necessary between now and election day.  Maybe this new Donald Trump would come to understand the importance of Congress and its members rather than to see them as obstructionists to be demeaned, belittled and then ignored.

The original Donald Trump is risking the greatest humiliation in recent electoral history as he comes up against the Clinton/Democrat machine unless he personally disavows the present version of himself, and presents us with a retooled Donald Trump we can all be excited about supporting; one who will make us eager to go to the polls rather than to begrudgingly cast a ballot given the alternative.  Maybe the new version will also recognize the importance of members of his party who are already elected to national bodies, rather than to simply acknowledge them when it seems necessary and ignore them the balance of the time.

Maybe, Donald Trump could take a long, long look at the likes of a Ronald Reagan and study why that historic figure was so loved.  The difference between allegiance due to love and allegiance due to necessity and obligation is a great and deep chasm.

Maybe it has been so long since he felt the need for a ‘team’ once he became the sole proprietor  to trump all sole proprietors in history.  There is one certainty that Trump needs to embrace, however:

If Donald Trump continues with the current blustering, puffing persona, there is not a campaign manager in this world who can get him elected over the Clinton/Democrat machine.


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