The “Trump Effect”…

Is there a “Trump Effect”?  I think we may well be seeing that manifest in both obvious ways and in ways we’d maybe never have expected.  Will Trump bring out people who might have sat on their thumbs during the coming election?  Yes.  Those people may represent the disenfranchised voters who have some kind of a bone to pick.  Those people may represent the group that is excited about this novel new candidate who says it like he thinks it is without regard for how he might be categorized as the result.

Donald Trump is surfing on the wave of his self-aggrandizing “Trump Effect”, and is doing so with no regard for the wake he makes, nor the people he crosses, nor many of the things he says.  Bombast and threats trump (no pun intended) reality in his world.  He drowns out the competition and in his world, that makes him the winner.

What might the “Trump Effect” bring to the coming election?  It might explain some of the Wisconsin polling, for one thing.  Former Senator Feingold (D) is ahead (by about 5%) of the guy who knocked him out of office.  Sen. Ron Johnson (R) is in danger of being unseated after one term.  More Republicans have low polling numbers.

There is the very real possibility that the “Trump Effect” will cause some Republican voters to simply sit this election out not being able to bring themselves to vote for Trump. There is the very real possibility that Democratic voters will show up in greater numbers to protest Donald Trump and what they see him as representing.  The combination of those possibilities could very easily change the outcomes of this and other races.

All this could have the effect of making Hillary Clinton look better to more voters thus making her our next President even with baggage galore.  It could swing the Republican control of Congress to nil or even make the Republicans the minority party.  It, with Hillary Clinton as President, could ultimately make the U.S. Supreme Court a liberal majority court given the likely number of appointments that will come up following this election and following the next presidential election, since we usually give our sitting Presidents another term.  A lot of judicial damage can be done in eight years.

I think there is a “Trump Effect” and I don’t think that augers to the advantage of the Republicans.  To the contrary, if all these forces come together on election day 2016, the foregoing possibilities will become reality over the coming years.

And future historians may well point to the “Trump Effect” as having caused a seismic shift in U.S. politics back in the day.

I believe that Donald Trump has more potential power than even he imagines; and, that is not necessarily a good thing for our country.

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