Russia Apparently Hacked DNC System for Trump Data

Why in the world would Russia turn a couple of its top hackers loose to gather Trump data from the Democratic National Committee’s system?  Hard to tell, but that is the storyline today although the hacking apparently occurred some six weeks ago.

We know that Trump has been none-too-kind in his remarks about Vladimir Putin.  We know that Putin fancies himself the biggest dog in the pack of international heads-of-state.  It might be that the DNC thinks it will get free anti-Trump goodies from Russia if Putin desires to see a Hillary Clinton presidency. That would save the DNC from having to cook up its own ‘dirty tricks’ at least to some extent.

Apparently this purloined information was none-too-flattering of Trump and had been gathered for use by the DNC to further alienate voters who might still be in Trump’s camp. This kind of ‘wet work’ is part of politics in our country and likely is not just conducted by the DNC.  The RNC might also have such plans regarding Hillary Clinton if the FBI doesn’t get that job done as the result of “e-mailGate”.

I expect that the DNC had a pretty secure server system and yet it was penetrated by these two Russian hackers.  That begs the question about Hillary’s home-based server and the apparent near complete lack of security in that set-up.  Does this hacking not shine a very, very harsh light on Hillary’s shenanigans with State department classified information?

By the way, if Russia can defeat the DNC’s system security and gather information at will, what would make us think that Russia didn’t also penetrate the Hillary Clinton home-based system ‘stronghold’ to gather all kinds of classified data from it?  Obviously, Russia could have done so, and may well have that data today.  That data would’ve been potentially more rewarding than any dirt on Trump.

What tangled webs are woven when people try to gain an edge over another person or another country with no regard for the law, or decency, or basic old honesty?

Our choices for our next president are simply not too appealing.  Casting a vote for the least offensive does not leave one with a good taste in one’s mouth.  It is akin to having thrown up in one’s own mouth without the ability to get rid of the awful taste.  Maybe the FBI can help us sort out the least offensive before election day.  In the meantime, Vladimir Putin must be having fits of laughter as he contemplates who is most likely to become the next president of the United States of America, especially since he has collected a lot of information at least about Donald Trump…and maybe about Hillary too without her even being aware as yet.

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