Evolution or Devolution?

Devolution is defined as descent or degeneration to a lower or worse state.  

The tragedy at the nightclub in Florida has brought out all the spokespeople for the myriad things that might be blamed for this mass killing.  Of course, the sexual preference/confusion of the person who had the assault weapon is uppermost for some, while the ability to obtain such a weapon is the ‘thing’ for others.  Our politicians are quick, too quick, to align where they believe the most votes are to be found, sometimes deferring/denying their own beliefs to enable the position to be taken.

From the unfolding story, it appears there is more than enough blame to be shared.  The family of the killer recognized there were issues, unresolved issues.  The man apparently had been a regular visitor to this club and we now hear that he may have been angry with himself over  his personal sexual preferences thus using this ‘acting out’ to somehow assuage his feelings of guilt.

That the killer was of middle eastern descent has brought politics into the story in a big way.  That was to be expected given our current Presidents’ position and the two leading candidates to replace him as President and their relative positions on such issues.  That the killing occurred in a club devoted to non-conforming sexual behavior brought the several sides of that element of our population into the mix.  The fact that the killer used an assault weapon brought the pro-gun and anti-gun people into the mix.  The fact that the FBI had interviewed and released him prior to this happening brought that into the mix.

All this plus, plus, plus had to have the press salivating over the stories to be written.  One of our local television stations sent an emissary to the scene in spite of the national networks’ wall-to-wall coverage. And more is yet to come as more people have the opportunity to voice opinions, claim publicity and generally rant.

It seems that rather than continuing to evolve, we have taken the path of devolving. Looking at the current state of affairs, an argument could certainly be made that we are on the downward leg of the journey as the leading country in our world.  We are very quick to blame but very slow to accept criticism personally.

We have, I believe, lost our focus on our Creator and have come to believe that we are omnipotent.  We are more personal pleasure seekers rather than personal God seekers. We have taken a ‘live and let live’ approach to virtually everything so there is little that is deemed wrong in today’s world.  We blame guns, the tools used by those who engage in such killing sprees since that is a most-favored target of many politicians and certainly of the mainstream media.  Liberals blame conservatives and conservatives blame liberals.

All in all, we have brewed quite the cup, and we may choke on it if we don’t get back to the basics.

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