Donald vs. Hillary…An Even Match-up?

Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

Where do we go from here?

Donald Trump has done his thing his own way.  He has a limited scale organization, rumored to be about 80 people.  He is a political novice in spite of winning the nomination. He has baggage from his business ventures and adventures.  The press will have a heyday and he will be kept off-balance when he can ill afford to be off balance.

Hillary Clinton has been the consummate professional politician.  She has a big organization in place.  She is an old pro politician who clobbered her poor opponent, Bernie Sanders, who did yeoman’s duty to hang in as well as he did.  The Clintons have baggage but seem able to finesse their way through any mention of those old scandals; at least to this point.  Confidential, Secret and Top Secret e-mails on a personal server and Benghazi and bimbo eruptions and blue dresses just seem to slough off the Clinton machine.

Trump deludes himself if he thinks he is in the same league as Hillary Clinton in a political sense.  He just isn’t.  He has made mistakes that will hurt from this point forward if similar mistakes continue to be made.  The Hillary machine is well-oiled and ready to roll. Trump’s machine is decrepit and short-staffed.  Trump thinks he knows everything there is to know about politics now that he has the nomination.

But, Trump is a babe in the cradle by comparison to the Clinton MACHINE when it comes to politics!

The biggest question in my mind is this:  Will Donald Trump admit his relative naivete and bring political professionals into his camp and then listen to those political professionals? Can Trump take being ‘roughed up’ by Hillary’s attack dogs?  Will he expect to be able to bully his way in politics as he has historically bullied his way in business?

This world that Donald Trump has entered into does not work as his other world has worked.  He is a foreigner in the land of politics, in spite of his belief that he knows everything he needs to know. His bullying his way through from here on will not go so easily as his bullying did to get him to this point.

There will be no room for errors of the tongue such as have plagued Trump to this point. There will no forgiveness, only ridicule, and condemnation.  I frankly doubt that he is up to the coming challenge…but I was wrong before on Trump’s capability in politics.  We are in for a real roller coaster ride from here on out.

It is still a ‘lesser of evils’ situation so far as I am concerned.

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