Both Political Parties In Turmoil…

Both Republicans and Democrats have more than enough internal turmoil to cause problems of focus in the coming race.

The Democrats have a pesky guy by the name of Bernie Sanders.  The Republicans have a similarly pesky guy by the name of Donald Trump.  Sanders wants to find a way to overthrow the Democratic party’s use of ‘Super Delegates’ that vote based upon their own beliefs and not necessarily the preferences of the party members as expressed in the primaries.  Trump has ‘sort of’ complied with a toned-down version of himself but the threat is ever-present that he’ll erupt at the wrong time in the manner in which he went after the federal judge hearing arguments about Trump University since that judge was of Mexican heritage although U.S. born.

Both these situations represent potential problems during the coming national election. Sanders’ supporters are typically very motivated and might well decide they simply won’t go to the polls.  Anti-Trump Republicans might also simply decide they’ll not vote since they have no dog in the hunt.

I am, as you know if you follow my blogs, a political conservative.   Trump is viewed as anathema to those of the conservative persuasion.  I confess that my vote will be cast, as I’ve said over and over, for the ‘lesser of evils’.  That describes the dilemma facing Republicans at least from my perspective.  There are those in the Republican party who will not even cast a vote in the coming election given the choice they’ve been given.  I doubt that there are any Republicans who will go so far as to become ‘Democrats  for a day’ and cast a vote for Hillary, but there may be some on the far edge who would see that as their ability to object to Trump and teach their party a lesson.

The Hillary cult is far less likely to let Bernie’s efforts dissuade them from casting their votes for Hillary even if they feel he has a good argument.  It seems that I have heard more about Republicans threatening to simply stay home and avoid voting given their more intense feelings of having been sold down the river by the Trump candidacy.  Those may prove to have been idle threats but it is very concerning.

If I had to predict the outcome today, I would give the Democrats more votes simply because they are willing to look beyond any protest points about their party’s structuring of candidate selection in order to have a second Clinton presidency which would also see the historic first female President if she were to win.

Call it what you will:  Republicans who sit out this year are either more concerned with a Trump presidency or are less concerned with Hillary as the next President.  No matter than rationale employed, Republicans who do not vote or who do not vote for their party’s candidate (i.e. ‘write-in’) are essentially casting their vote for the Democrat party’s candidate.

Republicans have an uphill battle if we are to avoid a Hillary presidency, and Donald Trump could greatly help his cause, and our country, by simply refraining from his typically bombastic remarks.  If he has not the discipline to do that, then he has probably given us a modicum of truth that his presidency would be problematic.

I really dislike my conclusion but I have difficulty finding any other conclusion that makes sense.  I am risking overdoing the use of this phrase but it is so dead-on:  this is probably the classic “lesser of evils” for any of us in our lifetime.  In my opinion, Trump is that person and I wish it were different but it doesn’t seem to be the case.  Hillary will be worse for us in my opinion.


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