Buckle Your Chin-Straps…

We are nearing the point where the gloves come off as if we hadn’t already seen those gloves occasionally thrown to the ground in fits of anger, whether feigned or real.  I am talking about national politics as well as some Wisconsin state politics tossed into the mix for good measure.  There will be enough nastiness generated on both sides of the political spectrum as we’ve already witnessed.

Paul Ryan would love to be able to count on the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, to moderate his tone and to use less of the brash, sometimes disgusting language he seems prone to using.  The most recent example was his scolding of a judge, the federal judge with a Mexican-sounding name who was, incidentally, from Indiana is the scolding to which I refer.  Obviously, the judge was not leaning in the direction Trump desired in a certain case involving Trump University.  One of the several thousand cases in Trump’s recent history.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the titular head of the Democratic Party, is not a shrinking violet as we’ve witnessed time and again.  I doubt that she will even try to tame Hillary Clinton’s tirades; if anything she’ll encourage more such tirades, and add to it with her own.  Hillary gets so agitated she seems close to a medical condition hitting; that is almost more than I can stand to watch no matter the words.

Both the Clinton campaign and the Trump campaign will bring us example upon example of the kinds of things we’d prefer that our children not see and hear.  This is the point to which our national political scene has devolved.  Add in, just for good measure, the likes of Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D) who got some swipes in during the Wisconsin Democratic convention in Green Bay yesterday with a ‘cute’ little Donald Trump bobblehead doll sitting on the podium as she got into her rants.

We are going to be exposed to very nasty bare-knuckle politics before this season is behind us.  And the sucker punches will be coming from both the left and the right, much to my dismay.  I had hoped that at least one party would be able to tame its candidate sufficiently to help him see that bombast is not an ideal personality trait for a would-be President. Rep. Ryan would probably be better advised to engage in lion-taming than in Trump-taming, although he is trying to help Mr. Trump as well as the party of which he is the defacto leader.

So, here we are again where I lament the ‘lesser-of-evils’ nature of this season’s race for the White House.  Frankly, I believe that equation favors Donald Trump by levels of magnitude over Hillary Clinton.  Viewed on the ‘lesser of evils’ benchmark, Trump is a rank amateur at evils as compared to Clinton…and her family.

All that having been said, this is my first experience in ages of voting for the person who is less concerning rather than of voting for the person who is more desirable.  But vote I will as should we all!

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