Hillary’s Credibility Decreases Again!

How can you be so self-centered as to believe your transgressions should have no bearing on your reputation?  Hillary seems, literally, one who simply doesn’t believe she has ever done wrong.  Or, she is so self-important as to believe she shouldn’t be penalized as the result of any wrong-doing.  That is suggestive of a personality that shouldn’t be anywhere near the seat of power, and yet she has hovered around and occupied seats of power virtually all her adult life.

She is a scary person.  We have our discussions about Donald Trump and his egocentricities, but those, so far at least, pale by comparison to the transgressions committed by and on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Comb-overs are significantly different than pay-offs from concealing wrongdoing or for favors granted or to be granted.

The e-mail server issue is but a single example, but that does not diminish the importance and criticality of the issue.  The Hillary history trail is littered with examples, some for which she paid a relatively small price and others for which she has paid no price.  She and Bill have been the poster children for dysfunctional relationships. Cattle futures, and sexual trysts and Benghazi, and Vince Foster, and bimbo eruptions, and the Rose Law firm, and on and on and on.

Both she and her husband have been above the law for so long as we’ve known of them. Neither should be anywhere near such seats of power as they have been and continue to be and yet the Democratic National Committee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is simply enthralled with both.

Even editorial pages use terms such as “skirted the rules”.  The State Department Inspector General’s report was quite blunt, but that doesn’t seem to register with the American public.  She exposed classified material by using her personal unsecured server.

We indeed seem to be faced with choosing from the lesser of evils in this Presidential election cycle, but one of the two choices is, to my way of thinking, the far greater direct or participating perpetrator of evils in the sense of a public servant.  There is no real comparison in that regard between Donald and Hillary & company.

Donald Trump has done some deals of which I would not have approved but those decisions would’ve been based upon business decisions I’d have not been able to make in good conscience.  Hillary and her husband have been involved in far more impactful decisions affecting the voting public, the taxpayers of the domains they oversaw and wrongful acts in office.  To think that this couple could’ve amassed the wealth they did in such a short time for ‘speeches’ delivered (that had no promises of future benefit tied to them, of course) simply defies common sense. We all know better, or at least we all ought to know better.  There obviously were deals made.  Millions of dollars don’t get thrown around Willy Nilly without deals being involved.  Neither Bill or Hillary are such great speakers as to be able to command those fees for simply speaking.

We have a clear choice, and we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves for another Clinton presidency and all the drama that portends. Donald Trump may qualify as the lesser of evils (at least in my mind), but that is very important in this election cycle.  We could do much worse.

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